How to Fail at String Art and Still Win!

String Art 2

I’ve seen string art all over the place.  I think it looks really cool and colorful and dimensional.  My favorite is this one from Bigger Than the Three of Us:

String Art Completed


I wanted to give it a try, but on a smaller scale.  I still have a ton of pieces of parquet flooring, so I thought I would use that as my canvas.  This is my first pass:

String Art 1

Ok, so I like the color and the concept.  But the execution is off.  Here’s what’s not to do:

  1. Don’t use dressmaker pins.  I chose those because they were at Michael’s and I thought that I would like the look of them better than a regular nail.  The problem is they were a little too long and they weren’t strong enough.  They kept bending as I was nailing them in.
  2. Don’t use a meat tenderizer to hammer the nails in.  Does anyone else do this?  Sometimes I’m too lazy to look for my hammer.  Give me a break.
  3. Don’t get your embroidery floss is in a knot.  It will frustrate you, I promise.
  4. Don’t use the single toned embroidery floss.  Ok, you can if you want, but the ombre version looks really cool!

My goal for this string art project is to make a whole bunch of them and make sort of a collage of them, so this a work in progress that I will be updating periodically.

Any string art inspiration to share??


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