#write31days – Organizing the Pantry

I picked an awesome topic for #write31days.  Yesterday, you got to see pictures of my linen closet and today you get to see pictures of my pantry.  It’s possibly the boringest thing ever to be shown on a blog.  But, I’m putting up the pictures anyway.  In case there’s a secret niche of mommy bloggers with messy closet fetishes.  Anything for a jump in stats.  And if the closet pictures don’t do it for you, I’m going to do a regroup/brainstorm about my first 4 posts and the next 27 to come.  I hope that math is right.

Pantry Before

Pantry After

A couple of notes.  I spilled some dry cat food and didn’t clean it up.  Oops.  Also, you were probably expecting that I would have put things in containers, but I have an aversion to taking things out of containers and then putting them into new ones.  You may also be concerned that there isn’t much food in the pantry.  We are not a “stock up” kind of family.  And none of us like canned veggies.  There you have it.  I know your adding this to your favorite Pinterest board right now.

Four days in, I’m realizing the worth of planning ahead.  And also, at the same time, I’m recognizing how much I like learning things as I go and making mistakes and being ok with that.  I need to strike a balance between those things.  I need it for this blog and I need it for my life, too.

Which brings me to brainstorming what I want to do with the next 27 (26?  stupid math) days.  I definitely want to get through all of the tasks on the Organized Home in Thirty Days list.  Even if it is boring reading, it is really a great exercise to go through.  My tidy purse, linen closet and pantry are making me feel different about myself.  Like, a little more confident in myself.  I kinda like it.  I have noticed, however, that there are not 31 tasks on that list. I plan to take advantage of those days to tackle some of the things that aren’t on the list, but need to be brought to order in my life.

I want to devote one of those days to a post about the direction of and my goals for this blog.  I need to wing it a lot less and maybe even get a little ahead of the game.  Maybe.

Finances will take another post.  I get sort of tunnel vision when I think about this.  Like, I know there are things in the dark recesses that need to have light shed on them, but they make me nervous and uncomfortable.

I’m not sure exactly how to phrase this, but I need to organize my children.  They need more activities and schedules and learning opportunities.  Super vague.  Lots of work to be done.

Make sure you come back tomorrow to see how I pull something interesting out of organizing spices.  Woo hoo!

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