#write31days – Organize Craft Stuff

Welcome to my Craft Pile of Terror.

Crafte Pile of Terror

Today’s task in the Organized Home in 30 Days challenge was to organize your craft goods.  Well.  I guess the picture speaks for itself.  There’s also this one:

Craft Pile of Terror 2

I won’t speak of how these piles have haunted me and the shame they bring upon my house.  I’m just going to move forward with the afters.

Basically, there is not trick to organizing a disaster like this.  It’s getting rid of a LOT of junk and then making sure you have enough room to put the rest away.  Here’s what I got rid of:

The PUrge

Actually, I found another bag that I forgot to add to the picture, so imagine another one in there.

Now, I’m nowhere near done, but, here’s how far I’ve gotten:

Drawers AFter

Table AfterA clear surface!  Hurrah!

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