#write31days – Organize Your Books

Today’s task in the Organize Your Home in 31 Days challenge was to organize your books.  So I did:


There.  Three books organized.  I don’t have many actual books anymore; I absolutely adore reading electronically.  That was a quick post, right?
Oh, what’s that?  You’re curious about that  Map Accent Wall?  Why, I’d love to tell you all about it!  It has a great story and it cost $6!

This past summer, during our trip to Lake Winnepesaukee, we went to a yard sale at a Jewish Community Center because my son is obsessed with going shopping for second hand video games and movies.  I found this while we were there:$3 Yard Sale Tapestry

That has nothing to do with the map wall, but I still love it and my husband still hates it so it has been banished to the craft area.  I also bought this at the same yard sale:



Atlas of the World

My first reaction, obviously WALLPAPER!

Yard Sale Score Map Accent Wall $6

I went through the book and picked out pages that either meant something to us (our heritages, English, Irish, Scottish, Portuguese and Italian are all represented) or are places we’ve been to (Spain, Bermuda) or that were just pretty or interesting.  I love the page of Antarctica and the one in the middleish of North America is so cool.  I love the view from that perspective with Russia sort of above North America (yes that’s Russia in white above North America.  No, I didn’t believe it either.  Unless the map is wrong and maybe that is why it was at the yard sale after all). Once I had picked out all of the pages I wanted, I started sticking them on the wall with push pins (which were $5 of the $6 budget).  I completely just eyeballed it, no levels or planning ahead.  I just stuck one up, stepped back and looked at the wall and decided what went where next.  Actually, I think that is my super power.  Being able to eyeball for level.

When I thought I was done, I sat back and realized there was one spot (far left near the light switch) that was bugging me.  I didn’t want to put a whole page there because I felt it would throw off the balance, but it was a little empty.  I went back to the Atlas and tried to find another page to put up.  And then, I found this:

Map Wall Close Left

And that just grabbed my little heart strings and tugged right on them.  I HAD to include that in the wall.  I wondered where Michael was and if he had traveled the world.  And I thought of how neat Grandma Jan’s handwriting was.  Then I thought, why did Michael dump this at the yard sale to be sold for $1 to a DIYer who would then rip it apart and blog about it?  What an ungrateful little you-know-what!  Grandma Jan and Grandpa Bob, I hope you know that your gift found a good home and I hope you don’t mind that I have plastered the Atlas all over my walls and am now sharing it with the world via the world wide web.

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