#write31days – Setting Myself Free

I’m releasing myself from the yoke that has been my chosen topic of organizing for 30 days for the #write31days challenge.  It was a bad idea almost from the beginning and it made me hate writing.  It made feel like a failure  because I was not doing a great job at organizing and it made me publish some pretty crappy posts.  However!  I am going to stick to the commitment of writing everyday for the duration of the 31 days.  It just will not be about organization.

I got the courage to quit when I stumbled upon a post on Inspired By Charm where Michael Wurm describes his failed attempt at writing for 31 days about happiness as a “hot mess”.  I love the irony of writing about happiness putting you so far over the edge that you have to quit halfway through.  There is probably a lot of irony in the fact that I am quitting writing about organizing, because, truly, I chose the topic on an absolute whim and really didn’t think it through.  An organized person would have picked a topic for the challenge that begins on 10/1, sometime prior to 10/1.

Instead of organizing today, I grabbed my camera and walked across the street to the historical cemetery that is across the street.  If I told you who used to be buried there, you would know quickly where I live within about 500 yards.  I’ll give you a hint.  He’s a Patriot.  Here are the gorgeous shots that somehow made it into make camera. I wish I could tell you that I figured out some trick to get this beauty, but, I think I just have to give all the credit to Mother Nature for the spectacular fall day we had today:

Beautiful Fall Tree with Sky

Seriously.  What is prettier than that?  All I can tell you is that I had the camera on the setting where it figures out to what to do by itself (I can’t even remember what that is called.  This pic was definitely divine intervention) and I stood underneath the tree and shot directly up.  Third most beautiful thing I have created.

A Walk in The Fall WoodsThis one is a more accurate representation of my photography skills.  It’s pretty, alright, but not quite right and I don’t know enough about photography to know why it’s not quite right.  I can tell you that I had to crop out two of those light balls that are supposedly ghosts.  And I was in a cemetery.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Fall Leaves and Cozy Boots

Those are my boots that I love.  Except for when they make my calves sweat.  Which is all the time.  But I still love them.

PS, I would consider it only an honor if someone chose to use these pics in some way.  Please let me know if you do a printable or some other creative something.  Just give me a shout out if you do!

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