#write31days – Halloween Party

We had a little Halloween Party for my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop at our house.  It was super cute and it gave me an appropriate outlet for some of the Halloween fun I’ve found on Pinterest.

I made some healthy Halloween snacks.  Creepy Apple Smiles that I found here:
Apple Smiles

These are apple slices, some yogurt covered raisins and chocolate chips stuck together with peanut butter.  I have to say, these were delicious. I love the combo of chocolate, apples and peanut butter.

Apple Smiles Close Up


And we also had Witches Brooms, which I found here:

Witches Broom Snack

I served plain old water, but in some goofy cups.  It made for a festive feast:

Halloween Snacks

I hot glued some googly eyes onto the cups.

We needed an actual activity to make this party/meeting complete, so I decided on Halloween Themed headbands.  Last year we made Trick or Treat bags, so I wanted to try something new.  Here are the supplies:

Halloween Head Bands

I have no idea what I ended up spending on all of this, but, keep in mind it’s supplies for 5 girls.  Basically, I let the girls pick out their favorite pieces of Halloween creepiness and we hot glued them to the headbands.  We used A LOT of hot glue.  Those little black rats in the back were labeled as “stretchy” and they had some type of something on them that resisted the hot glue.  We eventually forced them into submission though by drowning and/or melting them with hot glue.  Sadly, I didn’t get any great closeups of the completed head bands that didn’t include easily identifiable faces, so I’m not going to include those.

The girls did get creative with some of the supplies though:

Eyes in the Back of Their Heads

The girls had a lot of fun. I did too!  What fun activities do you have planned for Halloween?


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