#write31days – What I Like About Blogging

I’m not a thrill seeker.  I like to read and take pictures and make stuff.  I like to hang out with my kids and husband and watch tv and maybe go to the zoo now and then.  I don’t need to go on a roller coaster or jump out of a plane or cross the street when the sign is telling me “DON’T WALK” even if there aren’t any cars coming.  For miles.

With that in mind, there are some things about blogging that do give me a thrill.

The Thrills of Blogging

1.  The “Your Stats are Booming” icon in WordPress  –  This is not one I get often, so when I see those three graduated bars lit up in orange in the corner of my screen I get a rush of adrenaline.

2.  Getting a New Follower – A follower on Pinterest, Twitter, or the holy grail, a new follower on Bloglovin or WordPress is my favorite thing.  Not only is someone looking at something I wrote, they liked it enough to ask for more.  Conversely, when I lose a follower, I have a small pity party for myself. The pity party usually has some Nancy Kerrigan style “WHY?  WHY?” happening and also some “How DARE you?” and sometimes a little, “You’ll be sorry!  You don’t know what you’re missing!”.   There is a reason there is no “so and so unfollowed you” notification.  I think it is probably a legal reason.

3.  Getting an Awesome Comment – Someone wrote a comment to me once that said, “You are my Pinterest idol”. Best comment ever!  Thanks again, Sarah at Happy Go Thankful!  But I also love some of the spam comments I get.  Like this:

“A megastars beauty depend so much on muscular tone. Its sometimes really vierd.”  Totally vierd. You’re so right.

“One can enjoy pony rides and some other sea sports. Fortunately, there are companies like Galt Toys that specialize in them.  He spends hours climbing ladders and swinging upside down. I had to separate my first two cockatiels when the male became aggressive to the female in the first few weeks I bought them.  Put the idea of giving this interesting Christmas gift to grandpa aside, and think. Attitude – do you have a positive mental attitude?”  I don’t know what’s going on in the first 4 sentences, but I’m down with the positive mental attitude.

“And maybe later, I’ll stop for a burger so I can rap with my old classmates!  If well kept, a cockatiel can live up to fifteen years or more.
Then once the lines are drawn in the sand the competitors and the customers know what to expect.”  I think I could write a coffee table book of funny spam comments.  I would totally read that.

So if you want to make this kids day, click on one of those social media icons (or all of them!) and follow along!  Or drop a funny non-spam comment!

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