No Sew DIY Curtains

Many months ago, I wrote about wanting to make some curtains.  In true procrastinator style, it has taken me nearly 3 months to present to you an after post.  And, technically, I’m not done.  I’ve only finished two panels.  I need to finish two more for the other window in my living room.  Before Thanksgiving, so help me.

For me the first step in making these curtains, was figuring out what I wanted them to look like.  I wrote all about that here.  The hardest part of that process was finding fabric that I liked.  There are so many options to weed through. It becomes very time consuming, but it’s so important to get it right because there’s nothing worse than not liking the pattern or style or color of your curtains.  They are so prominent in a room and they are an investment.  Here is the fabric I chose:

Bird Print Fabric

I have an odd obsession with birds and this had all the right colors and a playful pattern.  I bought ten yards (which was way more than I needed) and it was an astonishingly low price of $4.95 a yard.  I used a tutorial from Sherry at Young House Love (oh God, I just popped over there to get the link to the tutorial and I nearly cried seeing their farewell post again, ugh).  Honestly, it was totally not easy for me.  My scissors weren’t really sharp enough to cut.  I had no idea how difficult it would be to get 4 pieces of fabric exactly the same size.  I think on Sherry’s curtains, there maybe wasn’t as much cutting.  I didn’t want floor length, so I had to cut what was an unwieldy amount of fabric and I had no clue what I was doing.  The curtains may or may not be even.  I keep telling myself it’s an optical illusion, which it totally could be.  I did use the magical no sew bonding tape which was by far the easiest and most fun part of the process. I loved the crisp clean lines the ironing gave the curtains.  It’s about the only time I will be picking up an iron.

DIY No Sew Curtains

Don’t you want to curl up there with your morning coffee?  I used curtain rod ring things to hold them up.  These were to find.  No, they weren’t hard to find.  They were only hard to find at a cheap price. I ended up ordering them from Overstock.  I later found them at Ikea, too.  They were around $10 for 7 rings.  Ish.

DIY No Sew Curtains 2

Here’s a pulled back view with a shot of the gallery wall, too.  It’s had a couple of updates.  I finally found something to fill the two empty frames. I found a great calendar with art deco patterns as the art work.  I picked two I liked for this room and stuck them in the frames.  So inexpensive and so easy.  Some close ups:

Calendar Art 3

Calendar Wall Art


And one last moody shot of the corner of the room, mostly just for me:

DIY No Sew Curtains 3


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