Fall Felted Wool Bouquets – Tutorial

I’m obsessed with these little felted wool woodland creatures that pop up in my Pinterest feed.  They are so adorable and they look like they take some serious artistic talents, so I’m not about to attempt one of those (not yet, anyway!). But I have also seen cute little felted balls strung into garland or adorning some decorative sticks, like this one, and that is something I could do.  And you can, too!

Fall Felted Wool Bouquet

Here is what you need:

Supplies for Fall Wool Bouquet

  • A vase
  • Some Sticks ( I grabbed mine from the front yard)
  • Felted Wool (I got mine from Amazon and it was $13 for a pack of 8 colors)
  • Dish Soap
  • Craft Paint
  • Glue Gun

The first thing you need to do is make your felt balls.  This is easy and fun and sort of meditative.

Step 1:  Rip off a smallish piece of wool, I would say about 1/16th of a roll, or about a 2 in by 3 in rectangle.  This is definitely not a science, however, so don’t worry if your wool pieces are not uniform.

Step 2:  Squirt a smidgen of dish soap on the wool and then run the wool under some hot water while rolling the wad of wool into a ball shape between your hands.  Sort of like rolling dough into a ball, except you want to compress the wool a bit so it really tightens up into a nice little round shape.  Repeat this 472 times, or just until you feel you have enough colorful balls. I used about 30 balls on my bouquet.  I made closer to 472, but I am hoarding them for a project to be named later.

Step 3:  Find a vase and stick arrangement that you like.  This part was fun.  I tried a bunch of different vases and vessels and final settled on this look:


Step 4: Paint your sticks.  This is optional.  If you find really pretty sticks, like white birch or something you can leave them naked, but I wanted to add a little something.  I used some coppery craft paint I had in the handy craft drawer.


I think it looks great on the sticks.  They look like if Mother Nature wanted to make a copper tree, the branches would look like this:

Painted Branches


Step 5:  Once your branches are dry, you can start hot gluing the felted wool balls onto the sticks.  I got a little OCD and separated the balls by color and alternated colors so that I hopefully wouldn’t end up with a big clump of blue, but, you mostly just eye ball this one.  I have to admit I really like it, except, I think it needs even more balls….

Fall Felted Wool Bouquet Title

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