Gluten Free Sweet Potato Casserole and Gluten Free Chocolate Mousse

I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving.  I know, everyone else in blogland is getting ready for Christmas already.  But I really love Thanksgiving.  It’s my favorite holiday.  I love the food and the not having to buy presents.  And family time, too.  But mostly the food.  This year I am going to try for a gluten free meal.  Obviously I know that it would be a disaster to try out new gluten free recipes on the big day, so I’ve started practicing.  This week I tried a gluten free version of The Pioneer Woman’s Soul Sweet Potato Casserole.  My only tweak to the recipe was to use Bisquick gluten free baking mix in place of the flour in the crumble topping.  This thing came out SO good.  It’s like a pecan pie and a sweet potato pie exploded in the oven and mixed together.

gluten free sweet potato casserole

Up next was a dessert.  And there is a fun side story to the dessert.  Many years ago, my sister in law gave me her bullet blender thingy.  Somehow over the years, I lost track of the cups that you use with it to do the actual blending.  I went to the Habitat Restore this weekend (post to follow on some sweet bargains there) and lo and behold, there were two cups that go with the Magic Bullet blender thing!  I was so excited.  I always had it in my mind to figure out how to find some on-line, but, needless to say, that never made it to top of mind status.  I decided to try the low carb, gluten free chocolate mousse I had seen on the infomercial for the bullet.  Honestly, I didn’t really think this would make it to the blog.  Unless it was as a funny fail post. I was so wrong.  This was easy to make, super delicious and it’s low carb and gluten free.  I might have just eaten a lot of it.  Like, a lot a lot.  I got the recipe here.

gluten free chocolate mousse

These two have definitely made the Thanksgiving day menu.  And, a little off topic, if someone wants to leave a comment on what kind of magic it takes to wipe the sides of a glass/bowl/plate without leaving smudges, I would greatly appreciate it!

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