DIY Advent Calendar

Many months ago I started thinking about how many k-cups I use in a week.  It’s a lot.  I started saving them instead of throwing them away because I thought that there must be a way I could repurpose them.  I found ideas for using the cups for seed starters, stringing them into garland and lots of other things.  All of which I will probably try, by the way.  But, my first repurposed k-cup project is this DIY Advent Calendar.

DIY Advent Calendar Text

Supplies for the Advent Calendar:

1 piece of foam core board, or cardboard, large enough to fit your k-cups

Wrapping paper

24 used k-cups, opened and cleaned

Tissue paper, various patterns

Small pieces of candy, like Hershey Kisses or Starbursts

White glue

Hot glue gun


Step 1.

Wrap your foam core board or cardboard with wrapping paper.  Just like you’re wrapping a realllllllly flat present.

Step 2.

Kcups on the Calendar

Arrange your cleaned out k-cups on the board.  (kcups are super interesting on the inside if you haven’t ever opened one up!).  Use your glue gun to attach the k-cups to the board.

Step 3.

Fill the k-cups with treats.  I used candy treats, but you could definitely fill the k-cups with little trinkets if you want to go the non-candy route.

Filled Advent Calendar

Step 4.

Now you’re going to use the tissue paper to cover the k-cups.  I just used a random pattern.  To attach the tissue paper, I painted the rim of the k-cups with white glue and then just stuck a piece of the tissue on top and let it dry.  There was some excess to trim.

And that’s it!  Each day the kids will poke through the tissue paper for a new treat!

DIY Advent Calendar Opened

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