DIY Coffee Scrub

Remember I made the kids Advent Calendars out of K-cups?  Well, I didn’t just repurpose the cup.  I repurposed the coffee that was leftover in the cup, too! I made another sugar scrub.  A few months ago I made a lemon and a brown sugar scrub and I really love them both.  They leave  my skin so soft.  I do have to say though, their scent didn’t last for long…  I’m fine with that because I love the exfoliator and mouisturizer one two punch of those scrubs.  This time I switched things up a little and used coconut oil, coffee grounds from the k-cups and sugar.

DIY Coffee Scrub

I melted about a half cup of the coconut oil and added just two used k-cups worth of coffee grounds.  I added that into my tiny little mason jar and then I mixed in the sugar at the end until I had a consistency I liked.  You might remember that the first time I made scrubs, I chose to use a  picture of the opened mason jar with the scrub in it.  The coffee scrub is not, well, pin worthy, I guess.  Here’s a look at the finished product:

DIY Coffee Scrub Open

Not the most attractive picture ever.  But, if I could do feel-a-vision through the computer screen, you could feel how silky smooth this left my skin.  It smells nice and coffee-ish, too.  In case you are wondering, coconut oil does not taste like coconuts and the scrub does not taste good.  Just so you know.  You’re welcome.

I have a little behind the scenes outtake for you tonight, too. I used some white poster board to take the final pics of the scrub.  Here’s what my kitchen is looking like without the white poster board hiding the Christmas explosion we have going on right now:

Coffee Scrub Christmas Background

And just behind that beautiful mess, is this beauty we picked out today:

tree before

(I just spied a wiffle ball bat under the heat register.  What on earth??)

I’m so very excited to get the Christmas decorating done!  I was hoping to be done with that at this point, but after a most wonderful Thanksgiving, the whole family ended up with colds, so I’m behind.  I was working on just sorting things and getting the tree in the stand tonight and my son came downstairs and said to me, “Mom! Can we sing Christmas songs tomorrow night while we decorate??”  Then he broke into “Deck The Halls”.  I love that kid.

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