The Bedroom Year

I’ve learned to temper my expectations when it comes to timelines for me completing rooms.  The kitchen took several months and I thought it would be weeks (and it’s still not technically *done* done).  And every other room in the house is in various states of un-doneness.  But, the Master Bedroom is the closest to a hot mess. Ok, fine, it is a hot mess.  I hope it doesn’t take an entire year to get done, but I’m giving myself plenty of leeway.

I’m going to designate January as the Brainstorming & Inspiration Month.  (See why this may take a year?).  I’ve pulled together a list of things that need to be done and I’ve scoured all of my favorite places (I’m talking to you, Pinterest, Magazines and Blogs!) and found lots of inspiration.

1.  Paint the Ceiling – We had a roof leak a while back and the ceiling needs to be painted.  Here’s the twist.  I’m going to paint it navy blue.  It’s the only thing I can think of to get me excited enough to actually paint a ceiling.  I also read on Houzz that painting a ceiling a dark color can actually make the ceiling look higher (it seems counter intuitive to me, but I’m going to trust in Houzz).  Here’s the inspiration:

Dropping dark ceiling paint 12" onto the tops of the walls... love it! (also via Chris Stout)


We love this bedroom's luxe accents, like the rich blue ceiling, plush fabrics, and chandelier. #decor


2.  Add a mirror.  I have zero mirrors in my bedroom.  Bizarre, right?  I have one I’m thinking about stealing from another room in the house.  Similar to this:

Tatter and Fray: mirror makeover


And probably some other bedroom wall art.

3.  Add a plant.  This one is iffy.  I’m bad with plants.  Really bad.  But I saw this picture and I really want to have it.  This is a screen shot from House Beautiful magazine.  Ferns don’t need a lot of light, right?


4.  Curtains.  I have no curtains.  I don’t have blinds.  The windows are completely naked.  It’s like a nude beach for windows in my bedroom.  Except no beach.  I want to do this, except white curtains:

Use a curved shower curtain rod to make a window look bigger. | 31 Easy DIY Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Look More Expensive


5.  Redo the sofa tables.  Did I mention the bedroom is large?  There’s enough room for a little sitting area.  I have a little Klippan couch in there and a couple of inexpensive Ikea tables in front of it and I’ve been thinking about covering them in sheepskins, like this:

Friday Five links and photos!


6.  Add closet doors.  No, I don’t have doors on my closets either.  Refer to the hot mess comment in the first paragraph.  I definitely want to have doors that open outward and will give me additional storage options.  I also want mirrors. Something like this:

Exclusive: Tour Country Star Darius Rucker’s Charming Charleston Home// closet ottoman, mirrored closet doors, modern chrome chandelier


7.  Add some texture.  I’m thinking furry blankets and wicker baskets and maybe some texture-y throw pillows. Like this:

Faux Fur

and these:

Rope accessories and rugs! // make. nautical bathroom.


and all of these:

indigo series throw pillows {for the guest room} *denim guest room*


So that’s seven things.  Yes, it will take a year then.  One project every other-ish month.  Yes, I know one of those things is buying a plant.  Trust, I can make that take a month.  Or two.

I’ll do some before pictures as I go, but if you’re curious what I’m starting with, this post and this post have some pics.  I’ve since taken down (un-thumbtacked) the curtains.  The dining room needed them.  At least now they are on actual curtain rods.

Bedroom Inspiration

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