Tissue Paper Valentine Wreath

We have a winner!  Last week I announced a contest in this post called Choose My Next Craft Adventure.  The votes are in and have been tabulated.  (No hanging chads were identified.  Google hanging chad for a recent American History lesson if you don’t what that means).  And the winner is:

Repin this Tissue Paper Valentine Wreath to choose my next craft adventure! Check back on 2/2/2015 to see which pin won! undercoverdiyer.com/

That’s the inspiration photo from House on the Way, which sadly doesn’t seem to exist anymore.  The wreath is pretty, though, right?  And the instructions sounded pretty simple.

At first I thought this was going to be one of those FAIL posts where everyone gets to laugh and laugh at how horrible I am at crafting.  But, the more rosettes I made, the more  I liked it.  My flowers came out bigger and fluffier than the inspiration, but I like that and I really like the unintentional ombre effect.

DIY Tissue Paper Valentine’s Wreath


Pink tissue paper in various shades of pink

Wire hanger


Floral Wire

Step 1

Form rosettes with your tissue paper.  Cut about five squares of the same color tissue paper to make one flower.  Stack the five squares on top of each other and then fold accordion style.  Tie a string around the center of the accordion folded tissue paper.  Cut the ends of the tissue paper to form rounded edges.  VERY GENTLY unfold, carefully pull apart, the folds of paper until you have formed a flower.  Repeat with all of the different shades of tissue paper.

Step 2

Shape the wire hanger into a circle.

Step 3

Attach each flower to the wire hanger using the floral wire.

I used a few different colors of pink tissue paper and I ended up with an ombre effect.  This was not an artistic choice, more like an artistic mistake that worked out in my favor.  I could only find multi colored packages of tissue paper (because I was lazy and only went to one store).  Luckily,  I love the look of the ombre!

Each rosette took about one full sheet of tissue paper, so try to estimate how many rosettes you will need to make (I made 16) and that’s how many sheets you will need.

I’m so thrilled with how this came out:

Can’t you see that hanging in the dining room to add something festive to your Valentine’s Dinner?

It took me a couple of hours to make (however, I was watching the Super Bowl while I was making it, so that may have factored into my time) and it cost about $3 for three multi colored packs of tissue paper.

I only used the three variations of pink that were in the packages, so I also have a TON of leftover tissue paper to use for another project!  Woo hoo!  I actually think I’m going to give this wreath to my mom. I  know she will love it!

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