More Fun With Marbled Clay

There are three reasons I am posting for a second time about marbled clay:

1.  Mother’s Day

2.  Teacher Appreciation Week

3.  Sparkly Sculpey Clay

Dear Sculpey Clay makers, thank you for making the sparkly sculpey clay.  My life is complete.

Marbled Clay Dishes

There might be some mothers and teachers in my life who will be gifted with sparkly marble clay trinket dishes.  Lucky ladies.

Marbled Dish with Candies

If you missed the first post, don’t fret, it’s right HERE with full instructions on how to make marbled clay dishes.

This time, in addition to the dishes, I made some pendants, too.

Marbled Clay Dishes and Marbled Pendants

The pendants came from left over clay from the dishes.  I mostly just formed them with my fingers and then poked a hole with a wooden skewer at the top for the necklace.  I used embroidery floss because it’s what I had, but you could get fancy with some real jewelry stuff.  If you’re into that.


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