Want, Need, Eat, Make, Wear

I’ve been brainstorming a new way to do My Faves This Week and this afternoon I thought it would be fun to do a riff on the children’s Christmas list theme of one thing I want, one thing I need, one thing to wear, one thing to read and one thing to give.  I’ve switched it up a little and added one thing to make and one thing to eat.  I hope you enjoy!

One Thing I Want

Lost In Translation:

I found this fun coffee table book while researching my last Buy It, Spy It, DIY It post.  It’s an illustrated book of phrases that are not translateable  from around the world.  The meaning of the word or phrase is depicted through pictures.  And it’s only $14.99, so you won’t break the bank on this cool ice breaker book.  I think it would be a great gift for an English teacher, too.  Or an English major.

One Thing I Need

This four-ply blackout roller shade blocks 100-percent of light, providing total privacy. Made of a 12 gauge, flame retardant material that is fade and curl resistant, it's cordless spring lift mechanism makes it safe for both children and pets.:

I need blinds in my house.  Desperately.  On every single window, except the bathrooms.  We had new windows put it in last spring and the windows are bare as can be.  Still.  We’re going on a year later.  It’s taken so long because it’s kind of an expensive project and I really am not sure what I want.  I have a friend who did dark shades on all of her windows and it looks GORGEOUS.  But, it’s a super gutsy move.  I do want to try something different, though.  The picture above is serving for great inspiration.  Those shades can be found at Overstock and start at $32.99.  They come in Navy blue as well.  I think I’m leaning toward the Navy.

One Thing to Eat

Chocolate Almond Dip via @DrKellyann:


I found this delectable recipe on Dr. Kelly Ann’s website.  The one thing I have been desperately missing on the Bone Broth diet is something sweet after a meal.  This looks like it would do the trick!  I love the idea of dipping something into the healthy chocolate dip and then cover the chocolate dip in healthy toppings.

One Thing to Make

Seriously- how cute is this?  I found this awesome tutorial over at The Crafty Nest and just had to share!  The Crafty Nest is an awesome blog that will suck you in for hours browsing all her amazi...:

My front door is so lonely without a wreath on it.  This is on my to do list for tomorrow.  Maybe not this exact wreath, but something wintry, for sure.

One Thing to Wear

Factory Intarsia Sweater:

How cute is this Pronto sweater from the Banana Republic Factory Store?  And it’s on sale for $23.98.

If you like anything I picked, you can click the pic and it will take you either to the store to buy it at or the blog to make it from!

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