DIY Mini Candles

When I go to our local Savers, there are always tons of cute little vessels and cups and trinket bowls that I’m enchanted by, but not sure what to do with.  Until I came up with the idea of Homemade DIY Mini Candles.  Ok, I might not have actually “come up with” the  idea.  I doubt I’m the first person to make a candle in an egg cup, right?  What’s important here is that I tried it and you can, too!

Homemade Mini CandlesAren’t those little bird egg cups the cutest?  It’s little unique things like these guys that I think really bring some personality and individuality to your home. I love Target and all of their stylish home décor, but stuff like this that is unique to me, makes me smile.

Here’s what you will need:

Materials for Making Mini CandlesMaterials:

Various small ceramic or glass vessels

Wax for melting (I bought mine at Michael’s)

Wicks (also from Michael’s)

Your favorite Essential Oils

A Pencil


1.  First, play with your scents and see what you combinations you like.  This was my favorite part.  My daughter and one of her friends did this with me and they loved it.  A note of advice, write down the combos you like.  By the time you get your wax melted, you’ll forget what you tried.  Trust me on that.

2.  Prepare your wicks.  Basically your sticking the wick into your little cup and using a pencil to anchor it until you pour the wax in and it sets.

pencil3.  Melt your wax.  I melted mine in a double boiler set up on the stove.  You can also do it in a crock pot.  This was my least favorite part of candle making.  I wasn’t properly prepared with the right tools for this and now I have a pot and a bowl and some utensils that can only be used for future candle making.

4.  Add your scent or scents to your melted wax, mix thoroughly.

5.  Add the melted wax to your vessels.  You do need to move through steps 4 and 5 quickly as the wax does start to set quickly.

6.  Allow the wax to cool and set and then light your candle and enjoy!

DIY Mini Candles

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