Fall Capsule Wardrobe from H&M

Fall, seriously, you need to make an appearance in the Northeast.  If I get in my car at 2:30PM tomorrow and it tells me it’s 91 degrees out, I’m going to lose it.  I’m going to melt into a puddle right there in the parking lot.  Yes, the nights have been pleasantly breezy and cool, but I’m SO tired of sweating every.single.day.  Get with it Fall, we need you.  Plus, I really want to start wearing boots again.  And sweaters.  Here’s a gratuitous photo of my feet in boots covered in pretty leaves:

Fall Leaves and Cozy Boots

In preparation for Fall, I have done some virtual shopping at H&M for a capsule wardrobe.  I’ve done this before, but I honestly have never actually taken the plunge to *buy* everything I picked because it seemed like too much money to spend in one sitting, especially when I have a closet full of perfectly good clothing.  But this time I took the plunge and bought everything. I really pared the items down to the bare minimum and I didn’t include shoes or black pants or jeans because I do have a couple of pairs of shoes and boots, a great pair of jeans and a good pair of black pants.  The black pants and jeans can be thrown into the mix, of course, but this 12 piece capsule wardrobe will also give you three weeks of Monday-Friday business casual outfits with no repeats.  Add in the black pants and jeans and you could probably go a full month or more with those fourteen pieces and never wear the same outfit to work twice.  And the best part of all? I spent $203 after a discount I found through Retail Me Not and a free shipping promotion that H&M is offering.

H&M Fall Capsule Wardrobe


The Pieces:

Navy Blue & White Striped Boatneck Shirt – $14.99

Embroidered Top – $5.99

Short Sleeve Floral Blouse – $14.99

White & Black Patterned Jersey Top – $9.99

Blue Fitted Blouse – $19.99

Patterned Dress – $9.99

Fine Knit Cardigan – $14.99

Jersey Jacket – $34.99

Pencil Skirt – $19.99

Black Textured Skirt – $14.99

Red Slim Fit Pants – $19.99

Patterned Slacks – $17.99

Some of those prices are sale prices, but none of them include the discount I found at Retail Me Not.  The day I searched there was a 10% off code, which is what I used and also a 20% off code for new customers.  The codes can change from day to day, so make sure you check out what’s available before you buy.  And not just from H&M.  I look for a code before I buy pretty much anything from a retailer on-line.

Ok, on to the fun part, the various outfits you can put together!


What I like about this pared down capsule wardrobe is that you can easily throw in your favorite staples you already own, like those favorite jeans or pair of black pants and make even more outfits.  I also love that there is a lot of color represented.  I see a lot of capsule wardrobes that are mostly monochrome and while I love the ease of that, I do also love color and pattern in my life.

I can’t wait to get my package of goodies in the next few days!  I’ll see if I can get the courage to do a fashion show for you.  Unless of course I try everything on and it’s all a major fail.  Which might be kind of funny.  We’ll see.

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