H&M Fall Capsule Wardrobe

I was going to wait til it’s a little more Fall-ish to post this, but I just finished putting together the outfits for this H&M Fall Capsule Wardrobe and I just couldn’t wait!  It’s almost making me excited for Fall to get here already!  ***This post contains affiliate links.  If you click one and make a purchase I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.  Thank you for supporting Lifestyle for Real Life!***

h&m fall capsule wardrobe pieces by bethjustin518 on Polyvore featuring H&M

H&M is my favorite for creating capsule wardrobe because they have such a wide variety of pieces from very fashion forward to just basic, every day pieces. Some of their stuff leans a little young, and I tend to leave those out since I am a 40 something. I think this wardrobe is totally age appropriate but I could see a 20 something wearing most of these pieces, too.

outfits 1 by bethjustin518 on Polyvore featuring H&M

fall outfits 2 by bethjustin518 on Polyvore featuring H&M

I put together two weeks worth of no repeat outfits and I probably could have done at least a few more days worth.  The outfits are all comfy, but still polished.  I included a couple of pairs of earrings and a pretty scarf that would also help to set each outfit apart and keep this capsule wardrobe looking fresh.

Black/white striped. Soft jersey top with long sleeves and dropped shoulders with a ruffle.

Jersey Top with Ruffles – $17.99 – I love a good striped shirt and the ruffles on the sleeves of this one are very on trend right now.  It’s trendy, but you won’t look like you’re trying to hard.

Short Sleeved Blouse – $14.99 – Yes, I still have a bird fetish.  I love something a little fun underneath a solid cardigan.


Denim blue. CONSCIOUS. Long shirt in soft Tencel® lyocell denim. Chest pockets with flap and metal buttons.

Long Denim Shirt – $29.99 – This is such a versatile piece, but I definitely love it most with black leggings.  I would wear this on repeat.  Pop a cute chunky necklace under the collar and it’s totally dressed up.


Long Sleeved Jersey Top – $17.99 – This plain back tee is on the longer side, so it’s perfect for layering with your skinny jeans or leggings.

Viscose Shirt – $17.99 – I’m a sucker for a pretty floral.  Wear it with something that doesn’t match it perfectly to avoid looking matronly.

Mock Turtleneck Top – $12.99 – Will I find a reason to wear this ALL THE TIME?  Yes, I will.  I love the turtleneck, I love the slightly tapered shape and the color screams fall.


Fine Knit Sweater – $19.99 – Speaking of fall colors, hello Mustard Yellow.  I didn’t include it in the outfits above, but this with the olive green jacket would be beautiful.

T-Shirt Dress with Lacing – $34.99 – Uh, hello major upgrade to the T-Shirt dress.  I love an easy to wear dress, but sometimes easy to wear means kind of frumpy.  This lacing erases any idea of frumpiness.

Cotton Cardigan – $14.99 – A basic cardigan to throw on over pretty much anything.  It’s a must have.  This blue can almost be treated as a neutral.

Fine Knit Cardigan – $12.99 – When you feel like your outfit is a little lacking in color, pop this guy on.  At $12.99 you might want to buy a couple of colors.

Khaki green. CONSCIOUS. Jacket in lightweight fabric made from Tencel® lyocell. High stand-up collar with snap fasteners, zip at front, and long sleeves

Lyocell Jacket – $69.99 – Ok, this is a tad expensive so maybe wait for it to go on sale, but I love this for a fall jacket!

Joggers – $24.99 – Joggers are my life.  Comfortable and sporty, but there’s still something about them doesn’t scream, I WORE THESE TO BED!

Ankle Length Slim Fit Pants – $24.99 – Always buy either a colorful pair of pants, or something with a pattern.  It will really expand your wardrobe.

Ankle Length Slim Fit Pants – Black – $24.99 – Same pants as above, but in black.  These are sort of staple.  I don’t include blue jeans in capsule wardrobes because they are a staple and who doesn’t have blue jeans.  These black pants sort of look like black jeans, but they are actually a twill which is slightly more dressed up than jeans.

Jersey Leggings – $9.99 – I know we all have a million pairs of black leggings, but sometimes you do have to grab a new pair.  And go through your old ones and toss the ones that are worn and torn.

Dark brown. Ankle boots in faux leather with details in faux suede. Loop at back, decorative straps, and side zip. Fabric lining, faux leather insoles, and


Boots with Straps – $49.99 – Ooh, I really love these boots.  A lot.

Black. Ankle boots with zip at side and a loop at back. Satin lining, faux leather insoles, and rubber soles. Heel height approx. 2 1/2 in.

Ankle Boots – $34.99 – Yeah, these one’s, too.

Sneakers – Rose Gold – $34.99 – These are my favorite things in the whole wardrobe.  They will elevate every outfit that it is appropriate to wear sneakers with.

Woven Scarf – $12.99 – You don’t have to get this scarf, but get a scarf.  It adds a pop of color to any of the solid color shirts and it adds an extra layer of warmth for chilly fall days.  Win/Win.

Flower Shaped Earrings – $7.99 – Jewelry is a very personal choice, but these are super cute and they will go with everything.

Sequin Floral Hoop Earrings – $9.99 – Obviously these won’t appeal to everyone, but the point of these is to add something a little funky.  These are inexpensive and fun, exactly what you want when adding something a little weird to your wardrobe.

So, what do you think?  What’s the one item you’re looking for this Fall?

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