Why I Love Ebates and You Should Too

I can’t believe I haven’t shared my love for Ebates with you guys yet.  I know you’ve seen the commercials on tv that say it’s like free money for shopping and that sounds TOTALLY ridiculous and like a giant scam and that you would never make any decent money from it.  I thought that, too.  Until I signed up and realized it is the easy way in the world to earn cash back on stuff you’re going to buy anyway and they do in fact send you a “BIG FAT CHECK”.  Here’s the proof:
I’ve earned $82 since I signed up!  My second big fat check is in the mail, on it’s way to me as we speak.  That’s Why I Love Ebates and You Should, too!

I know what you’re wondering right now. What did this woman buy for $1300 from Stubhub?  What is she made of money?  I bought two tickets to Hamilton on Broadway.  Some people go on vacation in the Caribbean and some people spend their money on the greatest piece of American Art in recent history, possibly ever.  Worth every last penny.

Why I Love Ebates and You Should, Too

What’s prompted me to finally write this now is that Ebates is celebrating it’s birthday!  And they know how to celebrate because instead of having to try to figure out what Ebates would want for it’s birthday, Ebates is giving YOU a present!  A present in the form of 15% cash back at over 200 stores!  And let me tell you, the stores are pretty awesome brand names:

That’s just a small sampling of the more than 200 stores that are offering 15% cash back.  And, yeah, some of them are offering 30% cash back…

Ebates could not be easier to use…  When you sign up you’ll have a widget installed that will automatically notify you if the site you are on is participating in a cash back offer.  You’ll click one button to activate the offer and then you’re right back to shopping.  Nothing more to do except sit back and wait for your check.

There are also two more amazing things about Ebates.

When you’ve activated an offer, Ebates will AUTOMATICALLY search the internet for additional coupons for you!  I recently bought tickets to the Basketball Hall of Fame for my family of 4. The full price for a family of four would have been $80.  I found tickets through Groupon for $42 (total), AND Ebates found me another coupon for 40% off and I ended up paying $29.50 for ALL FOUR TICKETS.  That’s about a fifty dollars savings from the original price.  PS, Groupon is also an amazing service.

But that’s not all, folks.  Ebates will you give you $50 for referring 2 friends after they make their first purchase.  $50 dollars.  I don’t know about you, but I love free $50.

So, hurry up, go sign up and buy your mother some flowers for Mother’s Day from ProFlowers and then enjoy the 30% cash back you’ll earn!

Why I Love Ebates and You Should, Too! Plus two secrets!


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