Look What I Found! – Thrift Store Shopping

I’ve done a little Thrift Store Shopping over the last couple of weeks and I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I found.  Some of them are really pretty and different.  Some of them are terrifying.  Stick with me til the end.  If you dare.

Thrift Store Finds

Thrift Store Finds

First, a bit about where exactly I shopped.  I went to our local St. Vincent De Paul.  The one near me has one huge room dedicated to furniture and housewares.  Lots of fun things to look at.  I also hit a place called ReMarkable Cleanouts which I was totally wary of.  It’s in an old mill buildng and I couldn’t imagine that it would have much to look at.  But, it had a 50% off sign, so you know I went in.  The place was amazing.  It was ENORMOUS, two stories and I swear it was like a city block.  Room after room after room piled with stuff.  Furniture, knick knacks, art, kitchen stuff, garden stuff.  Everything for the home.  It was A-MAZ-ING.  Also, a little scary.  We’ll get to that at the end.

I hate myself for not buying this china set.  It’s so completely me; it’s like I commissioned it.  And I just left it behind.  In my defense, it was expensive even at 50% off and really, where would I put it all?  Shut up!  That doesn’t even make sense, of course I would find a place for it and it is an investment!  I would use that every Thanksgiving!  (This is a peek into my internal dialogue as I fight with myself, still, as I’m looking at this picture and kicking myself for not buying this.  IDIOT!).  I can’t talk about this anymore.  Moving on.  (THERE ARE EGG CUPS!  EGG CUPS!  How much cuter can you get???).

Ok, I know this one is a little hard to make out, but that warehouse/mill is DARK and I would have had to have scaled about 4 dining room tables to get any closer to these beautiful dishes.  These were lovely, but definitely not as practical as the entire set shown above.  I would have like maybe one of these and used it as part of a plate wall, but a set of 5 wasn’t something I needed, nor would I probably eat off of them because they are too pretty.  Also, still would have had to have scaled 4 dining room tables to get to them, so they stayed.

How awesome is this Egg Nog Set?  This is so freaking cool.  But Egg Nog?  So what you’re saying is, someone at some point in time liked Egg Nog SO much they decided they needed to purchase an Egg Nog Punch Bowl and 12 Egg Nog Mugs.  You know this cost a pretty penny, right?  And here it is for $20, $10 with the 50% off.  Too bad I don’t like Egg Nog.

Oh guys, I really loved these chairs.  I could only get a picture of the side chairs, but the end chairs had these beautiful arms.  Oh, so pretty.  I wish I had a reason to buy these.  I have no idea how much they cost, but if I needed dining room table chairs, I would have bought these.  They need new upholstery, but the shape is so pretty.

If you know my house, you know this awesome copper bowl came home with me since it is sitting in front of my dining room wallpaper.  I found this guy on my way out. It’s huge.  It’s copper.  It was $10, $5 with the 50% off.  Obviously it jumped into my cart.  Just kidding, I didn’t have a cart.  It jumped into my arms.  So many possibilities with this thing!  I’ve been daydreaming about a living centerpiece of grass growing in a bowl and I think this will do the trick.

This is one of my St. Vincent De Paul finds.  I’m obsessed with embroidered (is that considered embroidery?  Or is it something else?) wall art.  I’m not entirely sure how to incorporate it into my home without it looking like bad motel art, though.  Just think of the time and effort that went into this piece.  And those lady bugs!

I stood in front of these three pieces of furniture for a long time.  An awkwardly long time.  I really wanted to buy them.  But it was $100 for the set and I don’t have any means of bringing them home without borrowing a truck and creating a hassle.  Also, I don’t need a dresser or night tables.  I mean, I could totally find a place for them, but need them?  No.  Hopefully they have found a lovely home.

These two pretty ladies came home with me!  They were $2.50 after the 50% off discount. So flipping adorable for candles or something, right? They have no distinguishing marks, so I have no idea how old they are, where they are from or anything like that, but they just caught my eye and I had to bring them home.

Alright, I promised you scary, right?  Get ready.  Or, just stop reading now if this is too much for you.

In one of the deep, dark corners of the warehouse/mill, seemingly miles from any exit door, hanging from a pipe in the ceiling, were two empty clown suits.  What in THE??  WHY??  For the love of God, you know the owner of those suits is now haunting this building, right???

And that wasn’t all friends.  Standing guard over that beautiful blue and white chine from above where these three evil doers:

Legend has it that just as you are looking away from these three, the one on the end lowers one finger and flips you off.  As soon as you look back, he’s back to doing whatever that freaky clown gang sign is, but when you peek out of the corner of your eye, he’s giving you the one finger salute.  And what exactly is going on with the one in the middle?  Where are his hands and why does he seem to have two sets of feet?  What is happening there?

Good luck sleeping through the night tonight.

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