Patriotic Paper Wreath

We have two important summer holidays coming up that require a show of Patriotism.  I made this Memorial Day – July 4th Paper Wreath out of pretty inexpensive items and I love that it will get to do double duty for Memorial Day and Independence Day in July.

Memorial Day - July 4th Paper Wreath

This is an easy wreath to make, but the paper cones are a tiny bit time consuming, so sit in front of your favorite Netflix show and plug in your glue gun.  In total I spent about an hour rolling and gluing paper cones.  That’s about an episode and a half of Shades of Blue if you skip the commercials.  If you haven’t been watching Shades of Blue, start now and thank me later.

Memorial Day – July 4th Paper Wreath


8-10 sheets each of Red, White and Blue cardstock paper (I cheated and used regular printer paper for the white)

1 sheet of gold cardstock paper (or you can cheat like me and cut up a gift bag from Christmas)

Glue Gun


Cardboard, to cut circle out of.  I used a shoebox.

6 inch piece of twine

Step 1:

Cut a circle out of your cardboard.  About 4 inches in diameter.  I used my trusty duct tape to trace a circle from.  You could totally eyeball it, it doesn’t have to be perfect because you will not see it.

Step 2:

Fold your paper in half and then cut along the fold so that you have two pieces of paper.

Step 3:

Start rolling your paper cones. Take one of the halves you just cut and roll it on the diagonal until you have a cone shape.  Secure the cone flap thingy with your glue gun.

Step 4:

Repeat the cone rolling with the red white and blue paper.  You will need anywhere from 10-16 rolls of each color depending on how full you want your wreath to be.

Step 5:

Start adding the cones to the cardboard circle with your glue gun.

Step 6:

Continue adding the cones to the wreath, layering the second color on top of and sort of in between the first.  Continue with all three colors until you have three layers: red, white and blue.

Step 7:

Use this handy dandy template and perfect instructions from Home Made Gifts Made Easy to make your gold star for the middle.  Adhere the gold star with the glue gun, I also added some duct tape to the back of mine because my wreath got puffy and I needed something sort of bulky to help attach the star.

Step 8:

Form your piece of twine into a loop and hot glue it to the back of the wreath to help with hanging.

And that is all, folks! You have just made a gorgeous and patriotic wreath that your neighbors will slow down and stare at as they drive past your house!  Talk of the town, people.  Can’t beat it!

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