Sweet Summer Time – Free Printable

Last summer, at a Farmer’s Market, I got an incredible photograph of some gorgeous tomatoes.  These were, like, county fair award winning tomatoes, at least in the looks department.  I stumbled across the photo today while I was trying to find some inspiration for a printable and I said to myself, “Self, what says summer more than a tomato?”.  Myself answered me back saying, the beach, the pool, suntans, a lake… but I didn’t have pictures of any of those, so I went with the tomatoes.  I played around with the tomatoes for a good many hours until I had coaxed them into submission in the form of a printable titled:  Sweet Summer Time – Free Printable.

Sweet Summer Time - Free Printable - Seasonal Wall Decor!

Get it?  Sweet Summer Time?  Cause Tomatoes are sweet?  And that’s a line in a summery song… Clever, right?  I think this lovely free printable would look very smart in your kitchen.  Pop a little color on your cabinet.  Ok, not on your cabinet, but if you have like, a bulletin board, or pop it in a frame and you have instant seasonal art!  ART, PEOPLE!

If you are wondering how you might make your own printable, you are in luck!  I happened to have written a post on how to create printables for seasonal decor!  It’s actually quite fun and simple.  And if you think getting those tomatoes inside the font of the word Summer was difficult, you’re wrong!  There’s a great tutorial for that on Picmonkey and it is super simple.

To print your free printable, you can right click on the picture above and save it to your desktop and then print it to your desired size.  Might I suggest 5×7?  I hope you enjoy!!

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