7 Reasons You Need to Try Home Chef This Week

It’s been a while since I’ve raved about Home Chef.  We just had two amazing meals delivered last week and I thought it was high time for a reminder on why you should try Home Chef.  ***This post contains affiliate links.  If you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no cost to you!  Thank you for suporting Lifestyle for Real Life!***

What is Home Chef?

Home Chef is a meal delivery service.  You pick out the meals you’d like to prepare from a weekly menu and they send you a big beautiful box of fresh and delicious ingredients and then you eat like a queen.  Sound like fun?  It is.  But it’s also a great thing to do for yourself and your family.  Here’s why.

7 Reasons You Need to Try Home Chef This Week

7 Reasons You Need to Try Home Chef This Week

Reason #1:  New Recipes and New Foods

Our meals last week were a salmon dish and a shrimp dish. They were both amazing.  Yes, we’ve had salmon before and yes we’ve had shrimp before.  But, I’ve never had salmon with the ridiculously delicious dill and Greek yogurt sauce/dip that I made from SCRATCH!  I had no idea how simple the sauce would be to make and now I can make it any time I want instead of buying the Tzatziki sauce at the grocery store.  The shrimp meal was in an equally delicious sauce and came with carrots and bok choy as a vegetable. I would never normally buy bok choy, but it is a great leafy green and my CHILDREN actually ate it.  Yup, that’s right.  They ate bok choy.  I might have told them it was spinach, but whatever.   If Home Chef means I will get to try out new recipes and my kids will eat new foods, then that it is enough reason for me to use this service.  And, yes, that is a picture of the shrimp meal that I MADE!  If I can make something that looks that good, I promise you can, too!

Reason #2:  The Food Comes to YOU!

Home Chef sends you a big box of EVERYTHING (except salt, pepper and olive oil) that you need to make your meal, right down to little pats of butter if the recipe calls for it.  In my latest box I noticed they upgraded their packaging and the meals come in neat little plastic pouches so everything is together and organized.  One thing that’s great about that is you don’t have to buy a whole bottle of an odd ingredient and then have it hang out in your fridge waiting for the next time you make that meal.  The amount that is sent in the box is exactly as much as you use.  The other thing that is great about that is you will no longer be searching the grocery store for that odd ingredient at 4:55pm on Tuesday night which also happens to be the time that everyone else on earth is looking for an odd ingredient AND also happens to be the time when the grocery store decides to restock every shelf which means that your evening is now horrible and your dinner will be very late to the table.  Home Chef has saved you from the Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt.

Reason #3:  Learn New Cooking Techniques

I think this might be my favorite thing about Home Chef.  I do really like to cook and Home Chef has expanded my skills.  Home Chef gives you very specific and easy to follow instructions on how to prepare your meal.  In your first box you also receive a neat little cheat sheet on cooking terms and knife skills.  I haven’t made a meal yet that hasn’t improved my skills which means that the non-Home Chef meals I make have improved, too.  For instance, almost all of the meals I’ve made have had some type of sauce that you have to make.  I’ve learned how to build flavors by making the sauce in the pan I’ve been cooking in, adding fresh herbs and reducing the sauce to bring it all together.  That’s a skill I can use every time I cook, not just the meals that Home Chef sends.

Reason #4:  Recipe Cards

Every meal comes with it’s own 8.5×11 recipe card that you get to keep and store in the handy binder that you get with your first order.  The pictures are beautiful, the instructions are simple and are the road map to your meal.  The recipe cards sort of take the anxiety of the cooking process.  You’ve got steps to follow and you’ve got pictures to reference to make sure you’re doing it right.  And you’re building a great cookbook that you can use for ever and ever.

Reason #5:  Pick the Meals that Appeal to you

Home Chef has a variety of meal options that change weekly.  You pick the two you want to try and they send them.  OR, you can let Home Chef pick for you. Here’s a snap shot of a few of the meals in the current menu:

That’s just 6 of the 10 meals offered for the week and you’ve got Lamb, Steak, Shrimp, Chicken and Pork all represented.  There’s always a great variety so you always have something new to try.  You also have the option to pick how many servings you want.  If I want to try something that I know my kids won’t eat, like maybe that Spicy Cajun Shrimp, I’ll only request enough for two for that delivery.  And, it you’re wondering, there is PLENTY of food per serving.  3 of my 4 family members have larger than average appetites and we’ve never not had enough food.

You also get to select how often you want your food delivered.  You can choose to have meals delivered weekly or bi-weekly and you can also skip deliveries by Friday at noon CST the week before your scheduled delivery.  I use the skip option frequently depending on my food budget for the month and I usually end up with 1 delivery per month.  You can also use the skip option if the weekly menu happens to not be particularly appealing to you.  And pausing your subscription is very simple to do under “Account Information”.

Reason #6:  Allergy Friendly

If you have allergies or a special diet, Home Chef makes it very easy to pick the right meals.  As you’re choosing your recipes, they are clearly marked with what common allergens you will find in that recipe so you know which one’s to avoid.  They also offer gluten free, vegetarian, carb-conscious and calorie conscious options.  They also offer nutritional information for every meal.  Also, when you sign up, for Home Chef, you will complete a taste profile.  There you can select your restrictions and your weekly menu options will reflect what you’ve selected, furthering simplifying the process!

Reason #7:  Coupons!

Want $30 off your first Home Chef order?  You got it!  Also, Ebates will get you 10% off your order!  If you are not signed up with Ebates, you are THROWING MONEY AWAY every time you shop on-line.  Please, for the sake of your wallet, sign up for Ebates using my referral link and start earning rebates.  It’s totally simple and painless and you will thank me later.

Have I convinced you??

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