The Look for Less – Classic Fall Outfit with Blanket Scarf

Does this every happen to you?  You’re cruising through your Pinterest feed and you find an outfit that speaks to you.  It’s saying, “I’m everything you’ve ever wanted.  I’m casual, but pulled together.  I’m comfortable enough to wear to a ball game, but cute enough to wear out dinner.  If you had me, you’re life would be pulled together… Or at least look like it was.  (Cause, girl, let’s be honest your life will never be pulled together, but no one will know that if you just wear me!)”.  So, obviously, you have to click through and buy this outfit you’ve found.  And then you realize that it costs approximately $8,457 and you snap your laptop closed and cry in the corner. Well, no more crying in the corner ladies!  I’m going to break down those pricey outfits and we’re going to get the look for less!   ***This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.  If you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you!***

The Look for Less – Classic Fall Outfit with Blanket Scarf

This classic Fall outfit with a blanket scarf is what I would like to live in once the weather turns chilly.  It’s really pretty, but the t-shirt and scarf are sold out and the price of the rest of the pieces tops $700.  That’s not an exaggeration.  Not including the t-shirt or the scarf, just the boots, bag and jeans and you’re over $700.  Now, by all means if you have a spare $700 to spend click over to Stylish Petite and click the links and buy all of it.  It’s all from Nordstrom which means you’re going to get great quality and fit.

casual fall outfit striped tee plaid blanket scarf

If your budget is somewhere below $700, I’ve got you covered.  I’ve pulled together a bunch of different options at prices that are very budget friendly for you!

The Scarf

1-Target – $19.99  | 2 – Nordstrom Rack – $14.97  |  3 – Target – $16.99  |  4 – Target – $12.99  |  5 – Target – $19.99

The Shirt

1 – H&M – $24.99 |  2 – H&M – $17.99  |  3 – Target – $10.00  |  4 – H&M – $17.99   |  5 – Target – $16.48 (clearance!)

The Jeans

1 – H&M – $39.99  |  2 – H&M – $9.99  |  3 – Banana Republic – $59.00 (sale price!)

The Boots

1 – – $31.95   |  2 – Target – $34.99  |  3 – H&M – $34.99

The Bag

1 – Kohls – $24.99   |  2 – Target – $39.99   |  3 – H&M – $49.99

If you were doing the math along with me, that means you could have this similar outfit for less than $100:

Do you love it??  You should put a pin it:

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