2018 Free Printable Calendar

Who needs a little break from all of the Christmas hoopla going around?  I got a little ahead of the game this year (I know, I’m just as shocked as you are) and made a snazzy, simple and bold 2018 Free Printable Calendar and I’m offering it to YOU as a free printable!  I hope you enjoy!

2018 Free Printable Calendar

Free Printable 2018 Calendar



I went with simple snowflakes for January.  I love this navy color, it reminds me of night time after it has snowed.  January is the time for new beginnings, dreaming about what the year holds for you.  It’s smack dab in the middle of winter, but it’s a refreshing time of year!


February can be such a dreary month, especially here in the Northeast.  That’s why it’s perfect for Valentine’s day.  On the third snow day in a row, you’re going to want to have something hot pink with hearts to look at.  This pretty graphic calendar will do the trick!


Once we get to March, we’ve started to make it out of the weeds. Yes, it can still be freezing and yes we might still get a snow storm, but we are so close to Spring, we can just about taste it.  March is a long month, but it’s one that is full of anticipation!


April might be famous for rain (April showers bring May flowers), but it’s also famous for April Fool’s Day, which happens to be one of my sons favorite days of the year.  Also, tax day is in April!  I love tax day; not sure if I’m in the minority on that.  April vacation for the kids, too.  You almost don’t mind all of that rain.


May is a favorite for many people.  I was born in May (Taurus, through and through), I was also married in May, so it’s a special month for me.  It’s starting to get warm out, flowers are starting to bloom… It’s such a pretty time of year. We also get Memorial Day in May, which is the unofficial kickoff to summer and summer is the unofficial best season of the year.


June is an optimal month.  Kids get out of school, it’s warm, but it hasn’t been warm long enough for anyone to complain about the heat.  The flowers are absolutely killin’ it in the garden.  It’s a shiny, happy month, June is.



It’s tough to beat a month where we celebrate the independence of our entire country. That’s a pretty big deal.  July is all fireworks and bbq’s and vacations.  It’s a tough month to beat.



And now we are in the so called “dog days”.  It’s hot, you’re lazy and nothing could be better.  These are the days we dream about in February.  August is a little melancholy, too.  Summer is winding down.  The kids are going back to school.  You can almost feel fall around the corner.


September is a lady in a russet gown.  That’s a line from a poem my daughter had to memorize for school.  September is exciting!  School is back, leaves are about to start changing, everything apple happens!  Fall is actually my favorite season, so I’m all about starting to cozy up the house and get back to living more of an indoor life.



One word, Halloween.  October is a super cool month.  It’s starting to cool down.  You can get pumpkins.  You can totally start drinking hot coffee again, which is amazing.  And Halloween is now basically a week long holiday in my house, so it’s quite festive. And chocolate.  SO.MUCH.CHOCOLATE.


November has my favorite holiday.  Thanksgiving.  I love a holiday that is completely centered around food.  No presents.  Just food.  November is interesting, too.  It starts off as Fall, but by the end, you definitely can feel winter is right there on your doorstep.  It’s starts off with brilliant foliage and by the end of the month, it’s all gone!  The trees are bare and ready to accept the coming snow.


And we’ve arrived at the jolliest time of the year!  December is all about joy and presents and food and all of the best things in life! It’s also a great time to reflect on the previous year AND to start planning for the next! Hence, this calendar!

Alright, there you have it!  One thing to cross off your “To Buy” list.  You now have a free, printable calendar for 2018.  In case you’re wondering, calendars are not easy to make!  I plan to print mine on some slightly nicer than printer paper and either pop it on a clip board, OR, I might even pop it in a frame and hang it in the kitchen.  Heck, it’s a free printable, I’ll probably do both!  I’ll probably print one for work, too.  In fact!  Print out all twelve months, pop them in a frame and these are FANTASTIC teacher gifts.  I hope you enjoy this!  Please share it on Pinterest or share the post on Facebook or whatever your favorite social media app might be!

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Free Printable 2018 Calendar



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