18 Essential Cleaning Hacks Because We Both Know You Hate Cleaning

Keeping your home clean is like step zero in getting your home Cozy.  Syrup congealed on the fridge trays is not cozy.  burnt on who knows what on your stovetop, totally not cozy.  Spaghetti sauce spatter making your microwave look like a crime scene, most definitely not cozy.  We’re going to pull together the best Cleaning Hacks we can find today and clean some stuff.

ps, I don’t know who I’m talking about when I say “We”.  It’s just me here.  No mouse in my pocket.

Cleaning Hacks for Every Room in Your Home

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

The kitchen is where I spend the most time cleaning.  There is so much activity and food and living that happens in the kitchen, it gets dirty.  Daily.

If there are hacks that will minimize the time I spend scrubbing, I am most definitely going to try them.

How to Remove Burnt On Food from Clean and Scentsible

Great tips to remove burnt on food from stainless steel pots - works on cookie sheets and other baking items too!

I don’t burn food every I cook.  But I might burn food every other time I cook.  So if there’s a way to remove the burnt on food from my pots and pans that is more effective than just throwing them away, I’m going to try that cleaning hack.

This pot cleaning hack from Clean and Scentsible  uses simple ingredients that you probably already have in the house.

How to Remove Rust Marks from Knives from Creekline House

You don't have to put up with rust stains on knives any longer with our quick and easy way to remove rust stains from knives, naturally! - Before

I’m terrible about buying things without totally thinking them through ahead of time.  I bought steak knives but I bought one’s that you have to HAND wash and HAND dry or else they rust stains.

I’m not a “hand wash” kind of gal.

So, now I have to remove the rust stains.  This tutorial from Creekline House is natural and one of the steps involves just waiting for 10 minutes.  I can get behind that.  This is going on the to do list.  Pronto.

Remove Scratches from Plates from Outnumbered

Ok, this is a problem that I honestly did not even think had a solution.  My white plates from Ikea all have those gray scratches on them and I thought, oh well, that’s something we’ll have to live with until I replace them with new ones.

But, Outnumbered has a cleaning hack that will get rid of the scratches!  And it involves one of my favorite cleansers, Bar Keepers Friend.

Let’s see if we can save the plates!

How to Clean Your Hood Range from One Good Thing

Do you want to go check your range vent to see if it needs to be cleaned?  You know what?  Don’t bother.  It does.  I can almost guarantee you that it does.

And I can also almost guarantee that you will want to clean it right now if you do go check it out.

Good news, this tutorial from One Good Thing only requires some boiling water and baking soda.

Clean Your Glass Stove Top from My Thirty Spot

The glass stove top is an enigma to me.  Water spills on it and leaves the most horrific marks that are nearly impossible to remove.  I mean, it’s boiling water, but still, I don’t get it.

It’s ok, I don’t have to get it, as long as I can find a hack that will get rid of those marks.

This one from My Thirty Spot looks like it will do the trick.

Clean Oven Racks from Hunker

How To Clean Oven Racks

The oven racks are no fun at all to clean. I mean, there isn’t much in the world that I find FUN to clean, but the oven racks are big and awkward.  They are just super annoying.

And they are also gross. 

This tutorial from Hunker is listed as the “easiest” way to clean oven racks.  Well, I’ll be the judge of that.

How to Clean Your Oven Glass from The Happier Homemaker

dirty oven glass

Here’s another cleaning mystery.  How exactly does the middle part of the oven glass door get dirty?  Is there some secret grease passageway that I don’t know about?

I’ve scrubbed the front  facing glass, then the inside facing glass, only to find that there is a whole OTHER layer of dirt on the INSIDE!

Here’s how to take care of that predicament from the Happier Homemaker.

Keep the Refrigerator Shelves Clean from the Mommy Savers

cleaning shortcuts 1

Remember before I said the oven racks were the most annoying to clean?  I was wrong.

The fridge shelves are the most annoying.  They are annoying if the don’t come out of the fridge because you basically have to get INSIDE the fridge to clean AND they are also annoying if the DO come out of the fridge because they are big and heavy and glass-y.

Make your life easier and use this hack from Mommy Savers! Click over there for a bunch of other timesavers, too!

Stainless Steel Appliance Cleaner from Home Stories A to Z

Someday, I think very soon, stainless steel will go out of vogue and our kids will be designing there own kitchens and thinking, “Why did my parents have stainless steel appliances, they are such a pain to clean!”.

Just like we think our parents avocado oven was hideous.

This hack from Home Stories A to Z  will help keep your stainless steel nice and shiny.

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

If you play your cards right, you can be in and out of the bathroom in 15 minutes.  Cleaning it, I mean.

If you keep on top of the big messes and work in some of these hacks to your routine, the bathroom will stay clean and it won’t be a half a day job to get it looking shiny.

Hard Water Stain Removal from Faucets from Cute As a Fox

I love when something requires soaking.  It means you can start with that, let it sit and then move on to other cleaning tasks while your cleaning potion does it’s magic.

This hard water cleaning hack from Cute as  a Fox does just that.

Get your faucet soaking and clean the mirror or the countertop while it soaks.

No Scrub Tub Cleaner from The Craft Patch Blog

homemade bathroom cleaner

The tub is just an ever loving disaster to clean.  I mean, it’s so big and slippery and you have to bend.

Anything, anything at all that might make this cleaning chore easier, is alright in my book.

This hack from The Craft Patch looks like an excellent option to try.

Remove Hard Water Stains from The Toilet from The Spruce

Clean, white bathroom toilet with the lid closed

Hard water stains in the toilet are no joke.  Normal cleaning measures are not going to take care of this for you.

Luckily, the Spruce has several options you can try to banish the dreaded ring around the toilet.

Clean Your Shower Curtain Liner from the Krazy Koupon Lady


There are certain things that I didn’t really realize ever got cleaned.  I mean, as a child, growing up.  The shower curtain liner is one of those things.  It was just always there in the shower.  My mother must have washed and re-hung it while I was at school, right?

Cause I never knew how dirty it could get until I had one of my own.  Thankfully, the Krazy Koupon has you covered with a shower curtain liner cleaning tutorial.   And a few other great tips, too!

Living Area Cleaning Hacks

The living areas in your home need mostly day to day light cleaning, but every now and then you might need to do a deeper clean.  Maybe the couch needs a scrubbing, the scratches on the floors need some attention or the dust has just gotten a little out of hand.

Catch All Bin from One Crazy House

Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks

I love this idea for a catch all bin from One Crazy House.  I tend to put things away as I go and it does work for me because I do not allow myself to get side tracked, but if you’re someone who finds a thing that belongs in the kitchen while you’re cleaning the living room, head back to the kitchen, start organizing the spice drawer and then never go back to finish cleaning the living room, then a catch all bin might be an excellent idea for you!

Just remember to clean it out frequently. 

Baseboard Cleaning from House Tipster

Baseboards are one of those things that are very easy to forget about.  When you’re in your house every day, how often do you really look at them?  Probably not very much.

But they are sort of always there, and if they don’t look crisp and clean, then they aren’t making a great impression.  Dirty baseboards are not cozy

House Tipster has a great hack for getting them without breaking your back.

Upholstery Cleaner from Frugally Blonde

upholstery after

We do a lot of “living” on our couch.  We eat.  We sleep.  Ok, that’s about it and it’s the eating really that can cause a problem with the upholstery.

Our couches are all slipcovered, but in between full washes, spot cleaning is a must for us.  This upholstery cleaner tutorial from Frugally Blonde looks like the perfect fix.

Blind Cleaning Hack from One Crazy House

clean your window blinds with kitchen tongs

Cleaning blinds can take forever.  I’ve seen hacks that involve taking the blinds down and soaking them in the tub.

Um, no thanks.  Now I have to clean the tub, too?

This genius blind cleaning hack from One Crazy House looks like a MUCH better option.  Check out the DIY cleaner recipe, too!

Dusting Lampshades with Lemons Lavender and Laundry

I'm not sure how I went so long without knowing this easy trick to getting dust off of the lamps shades.

Lampshades get really gross.  A lot of dust happens.  Like,  a lot.

And the are sort of awkward to think about how to clean them.  You don’t really want to get them wet, I don’t think, right?

Lemons Lavender and Laundry has got a tip that works!

What’s Next?

Let’s go clean some stuff!  Are you fired up for cleaning?


Ok, I know, but, seriously, aren’t you curious to try at least a couple of these?  I’m going to go through them.  I’ll report back.

If you’ve got your own cleaning hacks I don’t know about, drop me a line in the comments section!

PS – If you are looking for the solution to dingy rugs, check out my Ruggable Review!

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