12 Clothes Storage Ideas That Will Tame Your Closet

We don’t look in other people’s closets, generally.

Which, kind of makes it difficult to know if we’re “normal” or not when it comes to the amount of clothing we have and whether or not we are efficiently storing them.

Today, I’m peeking inside the closets of some totally organized people to get some clothes storage ideas for my house.

Now, I have seen inside the closets of one other house and that would be my mom’s house.  Because, you know, I lived there for a couple of decades.  And my mother is the first person to tell me that my house is messy because of clothes.

Fascinating, right? And probably very true.

She’s the type that believes that “Doing the Laundry’ doesn’t stop at taking the clothes out of the dryer.

She washes, dries, folds, puts away.  In one fell swoop.

She ALSO is one to keep a seasonal closet, meaning that around September, her summer stuff gets packed away til the next year.  Her closets aren’t perfect, mind you, but she’s light years passed me.

What I would like for the clothing in my home is to strike that perfect balance where I have enough.  Not too much, not too little, just perfectly enough.

Like Goldilocks.

I want to get into a habit of doing laundry all the way through and not living out of a laundry basket and/or a pile of clothing that is stacked on the little couch in my bedroom.

Because it’s annoying to have to do dig through a pile and finally pull out a shirt to wear that is however wrinkled beyond the ability of an iron.

What I am good at when it comes to clothes is purging. I haven’t done it recently, so I’m due for a good purge.  I’ll start there and then I’ll see if any of these clothes storage options will work for me.

Clothes Storage Ideas

Store Your Off Season Clothes with Hardly Housewives

Hardly Housewives: Chalkboard Labels for Storing Seasonal Clothes

Here’s my mom’s trick of storing your out of season clothes, but with a fun twist.  Hardly Housewives has added some chalkboard paint so you label the bins for easy access.

What’s great about storing your seasonal clothing is that it’s almost like purging your closet.  You’re removing stuff from the closet and creating more space, but you don’t have the difficult decision making that comes from actually getting rid of stuff.

I also have to admit that it’s kind of fun when Spring finally rolls around and you get to open that bin out.  There are always “surprises” that I forgot I even owned.  It’s almost as good as shopping.

Fold Them Nicely with One Crazy House

18 Ways to Store Clothes (Not In a Pile)I know what you are thinking.  Who has time to bother with folding their clothes like that?

That is a very valid point.  However, I would counter with the fact that your stuff will be so much easier to find and less wrinkled out of the drawer that you will actually save yourself some time not looking for things and not ironing things.

I actually do this.  It doesn’t take a ton of time, I promise, you get the knack for it quickly and it does save time and lots of space in the end.  So give this folding hack from One Crazy House a try, ok?

Scarf Organization from Apartment Therapy

Before & After: Streamlining Scarf Storage | Apartment TherapyIf you are like me you have a collection of pretty scarves.  Because they are pretty and also because a scarf is great for warding off the chill of early spring and late fall.

However, I don’t wear them often enough because they are shoved into my closet and not easy to find.  So I forget about them.

That problem is solved with this simple tension rod from Apartment Therapy.

The Soda Can Tab Trick from The Shabby Creek Cottage

closet hacks- use a soda tab to double the hangers

This actually doesn’t work for me for a couple of reasons.  I don’t drink out of soda cans on the regular and I don’t set my clothes out at night like this.

However, it this little soda can tab trick from The Shabby Creek Cottage is so clever, I had to include it.  I love reusing things that would otherwise be thrown away.

If you’re someone who drinks from cans and likes to lay out your outfits, give this a try!

Cami Control from Dream Design DIY

Cami hanger wm

I’m a big fan of the cami.  I wear them all the time under pretty much everything.  I just feel comfy in them and so they are a staple in my drawers.

But I’m thinking maybe I will use this trick from Dream Design DIY and get them out of the drawers and hanging off of one of these cool hanger hook deals.

I like this because it seems like it would be totally simple to do, the camis don’t have to be folded and hanging them like this frees up space from the drawer they used to be in.

Getting Creative with Living Simply By Annie

This tiny closet space gets a complete transformation! Tips to steal here for maximizing space in all small closets.

I love this idea of using valet hooks for hanging clothes from Living Simply by Annie. It’s perfect if you have sort of an awkwardly deep closet.

I’m not sure I need something like this in my closet, but the idea of it is brilliant.

The Chain Trick from the Family Handy Man

DIY Tiered Hangers

This clothes storage hack from the Family Handyman is a real space saver.  I remember something similar from infomercials years ago.  Actually, my mother bought them.  I can picture them in my head in the closet upstairs.

I love that this involves simple items like the hangers you probably already own and some chain from the hardware store.

Purse Organizer from Amazon

30 Closet Organization Ideas - Best DIY Closet Organizers

I’m not a purse collector, I have a few Coach bags that I switch throughout the year and even just those few are hard to keep organized in the closet.  They sort of flop over on the shelf and get hidden by the hanging clothes.

This hanging purse organizer from Amazon is a great problem solver.  You can get multiples on each hanger which will keep the purses together in one spot.

Create More Space with Urban Acreage

ideas for organizing a pretty small closet

Organizing your closet well will not only help with Clothes storage, it can create more space in your home as well.

This idea from Urban Acreage is perfect.  By raising the hanging bar in the closet up higher, they created space underneath for a dresser.

By moving the dresser into the closet, you’ve freed up all of that floor space in your bedroom.

Hanging Pockets from Amazon

Amazon.com: Honla Dual-Sided Hanging Closet Organizer with 18 Clear Vinyl Storage Pockets&Rotating Metal Hanger-Cool Space Saving Holder Solution Ideas for Stockings/Socks/Underwear/Jewelry Organization,White: Home & KitchenHaving little pockets for little things is a great storage option.  Storing socks (or are those underwear?  I can’t tell) like this frees up a drawer in your dresser for you.  Part of a drawer at least.

Plus, so much easier to know that you are running low on clean socks.  That’s a win.

Organize Your Leggings with Lana Red Studio

Organising Tights Idea

The problem with things like leggings and tights is that they don’t wrinkle.

Why is this a problem?

Because, they don’t wrinkle, so you are fine with just rolling them in a ball and shoving them in a drawer.

And then you can’t see what you have.  You don’t know that you’re navy blue tights are lurking in the back corner.  So you buy new ones.  This genius clothes pin hack from Lana Red Studio solves that problem.

Double Up the Closet from Amazon

Amazon.com: Whitmor 4 Section Fabric Closet Organizer Shelving with Built In Chrome Garment Rod: Home & Kitchen

If you only have one hanging rack in your closet, then you are wasting some space.

This cubby/closet rod from Amazon helps you get that space back.

What’s Next?

A good purge followed by organizing the things I love is what is next for me.  Not all of these clothes storage ideas will work for me, but there are definitely a few that are perfect for my closet or dresser.

What about you?  Did I miss a great clothes storage option?  Which one are you going to try?  Let me know in the comments!

PS! Let’s not forget the rest of the house! Check out these organizing hacks!

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