14 Spring Decorations to Help Welcome Spring Inside

I always get excited for Spring Decorations because winter is so crazy long and cold and yucky, it just feels good to get the house feeling ready for the warm sunny days of Spring.

Ok, no.  None of that is true.  Well, the winter part is true, but really, here in the North East, Spring is basically like Winter lite.  It’s usually still cold, it’s rainy, it’s almost never that picture perfect idea you have in your mind of Spring.  I’m sure that exists somewhere in the world, probably in San Diego, but not here.  So decorating for Spring is sometimes the only bit of Spring that we get.

I’m not one to go crazy decorating every room of the house with Seasonal decor, but there are a few key spots that I like to hit that get the point across without looking like you’re house vomited flowers.

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Spring Decorations for the Kitchen

The kitchen is the perfect spot to tackle if you want to show some cheery Spring decor.  Flowers and fruit are a simple and inexpensive ways to do this.

I love this fruit tiered tray from Amazon:

A tiered fruit holder is perfect to add to your spring decorations

A new dish towel in a pretty pattern can be a great pop of color.

I love this set because the pattern is sort of modern but homey at the same time.

Spring Decoration for the Living Areas

If you are anything like me, all Winter your living areas have been buried under soft pillows and warm throw blankets.

And once Christmas is over, the knick knack count in my house plummets.  I don’t have many usually anyway, but when I clear the Christmas clutter, I like to enjoy the minimalism a little more.

So Spring is a great time to bring back those sweet little dopamine decor items that make you smile.

Some pretty Spring pillow covers are a simple and inexpensive way to add some color and lightness.

And just because it’s spring, doesn’t mean I don’t still want a throw blanket to wrap myself in.  I just lighten up the colors and the weight of the blanket.

And a couple of Spring decor items like these bird cages on the mantel will help!

Spring Decoration for the Front Door

Front door decor is essential to a cozy home and it’s great spot for getting your seasonal decorating going.  A wreath on the front door, a new door mat and a pot of pansies and you are ready for Spring.

The springiest of Spring flowers has to be the peony.  Check out these DIY Wreaths using the same silk Peony.

Check out the tutorial for that DIY Wreath with the buffalo check.  It’s got a secret that you are going to love!

If you don’t feel like DIYing, I absolutely LOVE this Spring wreath from Amazon:

A wreath, a pot of flowers and a pretty door mat like this one and you’re all ready for Spring as soon as you arrive at your front door.

Spring Decoration for the Dining Room

Finally the Dining Room is a quick and easy place to bring in Spring.   If you have a dining room, you should use it.  More than just on Thanksgiving.  Eat in there.  With your family.  With no screens out.

Your Dining Room centerpiece can be freshened up with Spring flowers.  Pick them from your yard.  Or, pick them from your mother’s yard if you are like and have no gardening skills.

OR! Just grab a small fake spring floral arrangement from Amazon like this one:

Or even some Forsythia cuttings if you’re lucky enough to have some in your yard.  Forsythis have so far proven to be impervious to even my blackest of all black thumbs.

If you eat in the dining room (and you should!) you can switch out your normal dishes for something in a pretty Spring color.  And don’t feel like you have to shell out a lot of money for these things.  Thrift store finds are perfect for seasonal decorating.

But if you feel like splurging on some Spring plates, I adore these:

They look like they just walked out of Anthropologie.

My dining room table is regretfully a deep brown town.  If I were to buy a table again, I would probably buy something lighter or darker or maybe even painted or glass.  Anything but the deep brown finish it has now.

Luckily, a table cloth is a quick fix if your dining table isn’t screaming SPRING! (If your dining table IS screaming spring, you should put that on Youtube.

With my wallpaper in my dining room, I couldn’t pull off this floral tablecloth, but man, I’d like to:

That watercolor print is so, so pretty.

I would be better off with something like this geometric pattern tablecloth:

It’s light and airy and won’t compete with the wallpaper.  What I like about that tablecloth is that it’s oil cloth.  That means you can wipe it clean and it will protect your table from spills.

Because who wants to have to throw the table cloth in the washer every time you use?

Not me!

Free Printables for Spring

Printables are a super easy way to decorate for any seasonal at all, and most especially for Spring.  Print them out, pop them in a frame and stick them on the mantel or in the hutch and your job is done.

You can find endless free printables from amazing bloggers with a quick search on Pinterest.

Or you can make your own like I did with Midjourney!

I love a free printable or two clipped to a hanging a clipboard (or two) as well.  It’s free and easy and takes no time at all.

What’s Next?

Let’s do some Spring Decorating!  Ok, it’s January here at the moment I’m writing this, so perhaps I’ll give it a couple of weeks, but I am most defintely hitting up the thrift stores for some floral plates.

My wreath is ready to go.  Some pillow covers, maybe!

What about you?  What’s your favorite Spring Decoration?  Leave me a note in the comments!

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