DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Part of me loves outdoor Christmas decorations.  Most of me does.  Especially DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations.

But then there’s the part of me that hates the cold and that part of me does not like Outdoor Christmas Decorations.

But you’re not here for my whiny pants complaining about the freezing cold Northeast late fall, are you?  No you are not.  You are here for some super festive and simple to DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations.

So let me grab my snow pants and we’ll get to it, ok?

(If you’re more into DIY Christmas Decorations for inside, you can check these out).

Super Festive and Simple Outdoor Christmas Decorations

There are a few things to keep in mind with outdoor Christmas decorations.  If you live in a place like I live, they are going to need to be able to withstand some weather.

Which can be anything from bitter cold stinging rain to light fluff lovely snow to dry as a bone cold air with zero moisture.

So sturdy things that are ok with being cold are important.

Also things that light up at night are great and things that are bright and cheery during the day are awesome, too.

DIY Giant Outdoor Lighted Christmas Balls from Christmas Lights Etc.


How awesome are these giant lighted Christmas Balls from Christmas Lights Etc?

These are exactly the kind of lit up, big impact things you want to decorate your yard with.  I definitely like these in red and green, but I think I would also add a few white balls, too.

This is the kind of things that makes people drive by your house on their annual “Drink Hot Chocolate and Look at Lights Night”.

DIY Ornament Topiary from Creativity Exchange


If you don’t mind messing around with a drill, then you should definitely try this DIY Ornament Topiary from Creativity Exchange.

These are very pretty and classic and also classy.  They are definitely a little more mature than the Lighted Christmas Balls from above.

If you have a set of these flanking your front door this Christmas, people are going to assume you are having a very fancy Christmas dinner.

Christmas Up Your Front Porch Planters with A Pretty Life in the Suburbs


When your Fall Mums finally die off, don’t put those planters in the garage!

It’s time to Christmas-ify those bad boys.

This extremely pretty tutorial from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs is the perfect inspiration for a Christmas Porch project.

Tomato Cage Trees from Two Twenty One


I have shrubs in front of my house that I could string Christmas lights around.  But they are kind of wonky looking and none of them are uniform in size or shape.  They come out looking pretty sloppy.

Instead of struggling with the natural shrubs, I could follow this tutorial for Tomato Cage Trees from Two Twenty One.

The addition of greenery to this lighted tree means that even during the day when it’s not lit, these little trees will great in your front yard!

Outdoor Joy Sign from Fyne Designs


This Joy Sign from Fyne Designs has a great impact for minimal work and budget.

I love anything large scale that can be seen from the street when it comes to Outdoor Christmas decorations and this Joy Sign definitely is that.

It’s a little modern while still being a little rustic, if that’s possible.

Crate Train from The Keeper of the Cheerios


If you need outdoor Christmas decor that little ones will L-O-V-E, then you need to make this Christmas Train made from crates from The Keeper of the Cheerios.

It is too cute.

Kids are most definitely going to play with this, so just be prepared for that.  It is a very interactive piece of Christmas decor.

DIY Outdoor Lighted Stars from Duke Manor Farm


If I only make one thing from this list this year, it will be these stars.

They are totally captivating.  I happen to have a couple dozen giant pine trees in my front yard and these would be really glorious lit up at night in my front yard.

Very peaceful and calm, which, I’ve already decided is my theme for this Christmas.  (it’s July, fyi, while I’m writing this).

DIY Giant Nutcracker from James Christmas Decoration Craft


You aren’t even going to believe what this super impressive DIY Giant Nutrcracker from James Christmas Decoration Craft is made from.

Or how easy it actually is.

Or how inexpensive it actually is.

Go make him now.

DIY Cinderblock Christmas Present from Chica Circle


This DIY Christmas Present made from a cinderblock is a great outdoor Christmas decoration.  It will definitely not blow away.

It won’t be so great when something thinks it’s just an empty box and tries to kick it across the lawn.

That will end up with a trip to the emergency room for a broken toe.

Red Truck and Christmas Tree from Red Cottage Chronicles


This image that has inspired the Red Truck and Christmas Tree from Red Cottage Chronicles has become iconic.

It’s completely Christmasy and very retro and farmhouse-ish.

I love how large scale this is.  It makes me want to drink cocoa.

North Poles from Copeland Christmas


The candy cane stripe on these North Poles from Copeland Christmas are so perfectly Christmasy and festive.

I love that they are lighted, too.

A line of these going up the driveway and down the walk?  What’s better than that?  Things like this to me are a million times better than those inflatables you can buy that end up looking like Christmas melted on your front lawn during the day when you shut the air off.


You know I’m right.

Hanging Stars for the Front Porch


Ikea has amazing paper stars that are very similar to the ones pictured here.

They are super lightweight and you just need the bulb kit to go with them.

They are paper, so you’d need to have them on a covered porch or something similar, but these are very high impact for very low money.

Decked Out Lamppost for Christmas

outdoor christmas decoration - lamppost

Don’t forget to deck out your lampost for Christmas.  It’s already got a light, so all you need to do is add some greens and a pretty bow!

I’ve also seen other fun things like ice skates or bells or Christmas ornaments hung on the lamppost.

It’s the perfect spot for outdoor Christmas cheer.

A Carriage Light Swag


Remember the smaller details for your outdoor Christmas Decorations, too.  The carriage light above the garage is a great place to add a tiny bit of greenery and maybe a few sturdy ornaments.

Little moments like this can make all the difference for your home at Christmas.

Giant Outdoor Wreath from A Pinch of Joy


If you have one REALLY big spot that you need to fill on your house, this Giant Outdoor Wreath from A Pinch of Joy might be just the thing you need.

There is a simple to follow tutorial that almost anyone could do.

You can have this done and dusted in not time.

Now What?

Let’s get going on our Christmas decorations for outside!  At the writing of this post it is exactly five months, minus one day from Christmas DAY!

So basically we’re already late.   Let’s hurry up and look back at this list and decide what we’re making.  Drive to Lowe’s or Joann’s or whatever and get started!

We got this ladies!  Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations EVA!

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