11 Creative Sharpie Art Projects You Can Make Today

Making art doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive or particularly skilled. 

You can use simple things you already have at home to be creative with. 

I found 11 Sharpie Art projects that you can try. You know you probably have some sharpies shoved in a drawer somewhere!

And if you don’t, well, Sharpies are the perfect addition to your arts/crafts drawer. 

As you’ll see, they can be used in TONS of different ways. 

And there are TONS of different Sharpies that you can use.

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Starter Kit Sharpies

This package of Sharpies is a great place to start. 

You’ve got all of your colors covered and they will serve you well.

Metallic Sharpies

If you’ve got your standard Sharpies and you’d like to expand your collection, these metallic ones are great.

I love using these for just a little bit of added sparkle to projects.

Fabric Sharpies

If you’re working on Fabric, there are these Fabric Sharpies.

I love the idea of fabric sharpies on a blank trucker hat. That could come out amazing.

Sharpie Paint Pens

Or maybe you’re looking paint pens

They have those, too!

Ok, you’ve got your Sharpies. Let’s make stuff.

11 Creative Sharpie Art Projects You Can Make Today

Sharpie Painted Tiles

This is the project that got me hooked on making art with Sharpies.  There’s a full tutorial including video here.

Sharpies when mixed with rubbing alcohol make a gorgeous abstract piece of art.  This example is on tiles from the hardware store, but you can do this on lots of different surfaces.

I also made DIY wind chimes with the same method.

Melting Cups from Day to Day Dreams

It’s hard to imagine that these pretty ornaments from Day to Day Dreams started out as humble plastic cups from the dollar store.

This a great project to do with kids of almost any age (provided you are aware that sharpies are permanent). 

You don’t have to make a specific design, you can just color rings around the cup before melting it in the oven.

Sharpies on Photo Paper from Happy Hooligans

You can create a stained art effect with this tutorial for Sharpies on Photo Paper from Happy Hooligans.

Because it’s so simple, this could be another great project to with kids. It’s practically impossible to mess this one up.

It’s the black sharpie outline that really makes this project a stand out.

Sharpie Mandalas on Wax Paper from Wild Crazy Grace

Coloring mandala is so relaxing.  There’s something to the repeating pattern that just calms the nerves.

This tutorial from Wild Crazy Grace for coloring a mandala on wax paper is lovely. 

And it involves tracing the mandala, so no worries about creating your own.

They look really pretty hanging in the window on a sunny day!

Stenciled Cork Coasters from One Dog Woof

I’m a sucker for a bold look. 

These cork stenciled coasters are bold and also a bit masculine, so they’d be a great project to make for a man in your life or to make with a man in your life.

The tutorial from One Dog Woof includes the stencil files for each of the images.

Poppy Dishcloths from Hometalk

I think this pretty Poppy dishcloth from Hometalk is my favorite Sharpie Art project in the bunch. 

There’s are really adorable!

They remind me very much of something that you would see at Anthropologie. 

And the poppy with that black center is a really modern floral.  I could totally see these in my own kitchen.

Sharpie Canvas Project from Elisa Engh Studio

The colors on this canvas art from Elise Engh Studio are what got me.  They are gorgeous.

The process is very similar to the coasters I made above.  It makes me want to give this a try on canvas myself to see what I can come up with. 

It looks like the colors may have held their original form a little better on canvas than on the tile.

Floral Sharpie Mug from A Piece of the Rainbow

I adore this mug.  I love the floral pattern.  I love the colors. 

I really want to believe that I can make this.

There is a fantastic tutorial over on A Piece of the Rainbow, so maybe it is possible that I, who cannot draw to save my own life, could in fact make these lovely flowers.

Sharpie Decorated Rocks from Bellisima Kids

Painted rocks are all the rage right now.  Well not “right now” where I am because it’s March 4th and we just got a foot of snow so you couldn’t find a rock if you tried.

I mean right now in a more generational sense.

This tutorial for decorating rocks with sharpies from Bellisima Kids looks like a bunch of fun!

If painting rocks is your thing, check out these simple painted rocks I did!

Painted Votives from Houseologie

This project from Houseologie uses Sharpie Paint Pens as opposed to your normal sharpie markers.

They really give these otherwise blah votive holders a great and glam update!

Tie Dye T Shirts from Martha Stewart

Why not wear your Sharpie Art?

I love this method of tie dye from marth Stewart.  It’s a much more controlled effect than your normal tie dye process and WAY less messy.

Now what?

Let’s make some Sharpie Art!  Which was your favorite?  Which would you like me to test out on the blog first?  I don’t mind being the craft guinea pig.  Let me know if the comments!

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