15 Mason Jar Crafts You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

Mason Jars are perfect for the kind of crafting I like to do.  No matter how you manipulate them, they almost always end up being useful.  Except for if you make a snow globe, but if the snow globe is a Christmas decoration, I count that as useful, as you’ll see below.  Here are some favorite mason jar crafts that I’m drawing inspiration from.

Mason Jar Crafts You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

Maybe you’ve seen some of these before, but I scoured the internet for these ideas.  I’m picky about what I put in these posts, people.  It’s gotta be pretty, useful and fairly easy.  All of what you’ll see below fits those three categories. Maybe the wind chimes might be a little bit of a stretch for easy, but if you’re handy with a drill, it’s something you can pull off.

Herb Garden from Curly Crafty Mom

You may know that I am a plant killer.  Reformed.  Sort of. I just don’t buy plants anymore and that keeps me from murdering them with neglect.

But this mason jar herb garden from Curly Craft Mom has got me itching for a little herb garden on my windowsill.  Even though I have no light. And even though I made an herb garden for my window sill which I swear didn’t last for minutes.

It was like I put the pots on the windowsill and the plants through their arms up in surrender and wilted away.

But, this is super cute, right?  And useful…  Someone talk me out of this.

Pen Holders from Girl Just DIY

Pencils are a far safer occupant of my Mason Craft.  This pen/pencil holder from Girl Just DIY is lovely.  I love the distressed look which lets the lettering stand out on the jars.

The other thing I love about this is that I’ve noticed that I have never, ever purchased a pencil holder.

All of my pencil, pens, paintbrushes are in either mason jars or old mugs that I’ve pilfered from the kitchen.  And that makes me smile.  I’ll definitely be using one of these mason jar crafts to pretty up one of my pencil holders.

This is a very farmhouse look.  You can find more Farmhouse decor ideas here.

Mini Sewing Kits from Wait Til Your Father Gets Home


Who here is disorganized?  If you raised your hands, then welcome friend you are in GREAT company!

This mini sewing kit from Wait Til Your Father Gets Home is something an organized person would do.  And it should be something we disorganized people should do.

Because how often do you need your sewing supplies?  Probably not very often unless you are a sewer.  But if a button falls off, how long does it take you to find a needle thread?

Exactly my point.  Let’s make these mini sewing kits, ok?

Snow Globe from Mason Jar Crafts Love

Here’s the one that I mentioned in the intro, the snow globe from Mason Jar Crafts Love.

This is so flipping cute that I had to include it, but in general, this is the type of craft that irks me.  It’s not particularly useful.  And worse, it’s taken something that WAS useful (the mason jar) and made it not useful.

HOWEVER!  I count holiday decorations as useful, so this one can sneak in.  Plus it’s really cute.

Blue Patina Jars from Hometalk

I’m a tiny bit obsessed with this coppery/patina look on these jars from Hometalk.

And you will not believe how incredibly easy it is to achieve.  I’m definitely trying this technique and I’ll probably try it on lots of different things, not just mason jars.

These would be great as a vase or your pencil holder or change holder?  Love this.

Fabric Lined Vases from Dwelling in Happiness

I have some fabric scraps around here from some old project.  This cute little fabric lined vase is the perfect opportunity to use them up.

I love the bright and poppy colors that Dwelling in Happiness used for these. So spring-like and it is March 2nd as I write this, regardless of the fact that it’s snowing out.

Spring is coming, I don’t care what my window is telling me.

Mosaic Jar from Mason Jar Crafts Love

I have these little green rocks!  They are leftovers from ages ago when I covered an entire mirror in them.  One by one.  Like a lunatic.

I love how they look on this mosaic project from Mason Jar Crafts Love.  A little votive in there would be so pretty!

And way less time consuming than covering an entire mirror with your glue gun and tiny rocks. And less burnt fingertips.

Map or Book Page Covered Jars from Arrow and Apple 

I think these map/book page covered jars from Apple and Arrow might be my favorite.  Interesting, actually, much like the example above where I covered a giant mirror with rocks, I covered an entire wall with maps once.

Perhaps I need to consider scaling down my projects.  This little mason jar craft would be a great place to start.

Because sometimes less is more. I don’t always have to be so extra.

Sharpie Painted Jars from Happy Hooligans

You know how much I love a good sharpie painted craft, right?  It’s so easy to do and the effect is so pretty.

These jars from Happy Hooligans are an excellent example of putting your sharpies to good use.  Whatever you put in these mason jars, store them on the window sill.  So pretty.

Stained Glass Jars from Mason Jar Crafts Love

Stained glass has always been one of my favorite things.  Probably all of those Sunday mornings spent staring at it at church.

This stained glass project from Mason Jar Crafts are really stunning.  It’s the lead lining that does it for me on these.  And that’s peel and stick, people.  So really hard to mess this mason jar craft up.

This is on the list of to be made some day.

Rustic Stick Covered Vase from Garden Mama

I’m not a 100% sure if it’s the stick covered mason jar or the lilacs that drew me to this craft from Garden Mama, but it’s safe to assume it’s definitely at least a little bit of both of those things.

I really like crafts that use stuff that you can forage. The less money spent on making a thing, the better, in my opinion.

I can totally see these as a great centerpiece for an casual-ish event in the spring.  Those lilacs, though.

Table Lamp from Infarrantly Creative

Ok, these table lamps from Infarrantly Creative probably don’t fall into the “easy” category.  But they are so cool.

Of all of the projects on this list, this definitely wins the award for coolest.  I mean, mason jars are kind of farmhouse/country, to me, but here they are more industrial/artsy.

An amazing transformation.

Tinted Mason Jars from Craft Your Happiness

If you’re looking for that sort of tinted look for your mason jar craft, Craft Your Happiness has you covered.

This process is easy and fairly -un-messy.  And the tinted glass is so pretty.

Vanilla Coffee Bean Candle from My Printly

I want to make this candle from My Printly and I also kind of want to eat it.  That’s probably a terrible idea, though.  I learned my lesson from the sugar scrubs.

Vanilla and coffee?  In one DIY candle?  As a Mason Jar Craft??

SOLD!  I need this candle in my life.

Wind Chimes from Saved By Love Creations

I have a thing for DIY Wind Chimes.  This one made from bits and pieces and mason jar from Saved By Love Creations is gorgeous.

It fits my criteria, mostly.  It’s pretty and useful although, you do need to cut that mason jar and drill holes, so maybe not easy, but if you’re into power tools, this is a great mason jar craft to try.

Wrap it Up

That’s 15 Mason Jar Crafts to bring you some inspiration on your next craft.  Which was your favorite?  What will you make?  What have you already made with a mason jar?  Let me know in the comments!

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