I Got a Bad Stitch Fix. Here’s Why I Still Love Them

Stitch Fix is one of my favorite inventions of all time.  I mean “invention” might be a stretch, I guess service is more accurate, but, whatever, I love the idea of a “personal stylist” picking out clothes for me and I never have to leave my house and I don’t ever have to go to a dressing room because they mail me everything and I can try it on in the comfort (and soft lighting) of my own home. It’s a brilliant idea.  And I received my fourth Stitch Fix package a couple of weeks ago.

I was so excited.  The previous three, I’ve kept all five items they’ve sent me.  Every time.  It was like there was a fairy godmother somewhere stitching clothes together for my body with the help of mice and bluebirds.

And then I opened the box.  And took out the clothes.  And tried them on.

I didn’t like anything.  Too big, too short, boring, boring boring.

I was so disappointed.  I was so looking forward to my Fix.  And it was a bomb.

I didn’t even take pictures or anything.  I thought, this is it, I’m done with Stitch Fix.  Boo hoo, I will have to go shopping and try on 500 things until I find 2 that fit and and look decent…

And then, I wrapped up my little hissy fit and did what anyone should do in this situation. I sent an email expressing that I was disappointed.

And here’s the part that explains why I still LOVE Stitch Fix…

I got that response on SUNDAY.  That and the “we care about getting this right”, reeled me back in.  I love good customer service.  I exchanged another email with Hannah about some more of my preferences and scheduled my next fix.  They even waived the styling fee.

I was anxious to get the next box.  What if I didn’t like it again??  Would it be the true end of my romance with Stitch Fix?

If you like surprises, then one of the great things about Stitch Fix is you don’t know what you’re getting until it arrives.  I hate surprises.  If you’re like me and also hate surprises, you can peek at what you’re getting before it actually arrives.  Once the package has shipped, you can go to “check out” and you should be able to see the 5 pieces you’re getting.

I actually don’t advise doing that though.  Because when I looked at mine, I was like, oh no, I’m not going to like it.

And, plus, as much as I hate surprises it does kind of ruin the fun when the package finally arrives.  And you really shouldn’t judge the clothes before you’ve tried them on.  For several reasons, which I’ll go over in a moment.

Here’s What I Kept

There was a cap sleeve, floral blouse.  I didn’t love the floral and the cap sleeve just didn’t work for me, so that one will be going back.

But everything else was a WIN!


Striped Sweater – Pinque – $44.00 – When I peeked ahead of time at what was coming in my Stitch Fix, I thought this would be frumpy and that I wouldn’t like. I was wrong.  It fits great.  I think it’s really flattering and it’s also totally comfortable.

That’s one of the things I love about what Stitch Fix sends.  The clothes are always comfortable.  The fabrics are soft and feel good on.  This sweater has zero itch factor.  I also love that the back has a little detail.

Tribal Printed Pant – $58.00 – These pants,  I pulled these out of the box and I was like, Nope.  I’m going to hate these.

The material seemed like they would be uncomfortable on and it’s tough to see the pattern, but it’s a teeny tiny floral, which I was very unsure about.

Then I put them on and they fit SO perfectly and were SO comfortable I loved them immediately.  These are pull on pants, people.  There’s no buttons, no zippers.

They are perfect if you work in a business casual office environment, or if you’re like me and you need one pair of pants that isn’t jeans in your life.  True story, I had to go to a wake recently and since I lost 28 lbs on Keto, I don’t have a pair of dress pants that fit me.  Not even close to fitting me.  So I had to wear a dress.

I was totally wrong on the pattern, too.  The pattern is just barely there and it gives an otherwise plain pair of black pants a little interest.  And I’m all about that.

After taking these pictures, I kept those pants on all day.  It was President’s Day, so it was just an “around the house” kind of day.  I worked a little, I sat on the couch a lot.  I didn’t even really realize I wasn’t in my usual comfy pants until I went to get ready for bed that night.  Total keepers.

Pink Clover Cardigan – $44.00 Again, right of the box, this sweater was like, Meh.  It seemed a little blah to me.  I didn’t think it would be flattering.  I usually go for more saturated colors.  I was not wowed by it.

And then I put it on and again it proved me wrong.  The material is so soft and cozy.  The color is great with my crazy hair, which, it might not be coming through exactly right in the pictures, but has been compared to red velvet cake and cinnamon.  And it looked good on.  I could see this as my go to cardigan for the rest of the winter and chilly early spring.

Separate aside about hair color.  I’ve gone from blonde to dark brown to purpl-ish red in the last 6 months.  I’ve entered the phase of hair color where my theory is, we all know this is not my natural hair color.  My natural hair color is now gray.  Not a few grays.  All gray.

With the blonde and dark brown, first of all, I felt a little boring.  But I also felt, like, I was presenting a lie and trying to pretend it wasn’t a lie.  This red with a touch of purple is more like, Yes, I color my hair, I’m not trying to fool anyone, ok?  Also, someone mistook me for my 11 year old son’s babysitter, so I’ll take that, thank you very much.


41 Hawthorn Dolman Jersey – $44.00 – I love the color of this shirt.  Again comfy material.  It’s perfect with a pair of leggings and some sneakers, but I also had it on with the gray jeans above and with the black pants I got in the Fix and it worked with both of those, too.

So, this is a shirt that can go super casual to slightly dressy.  A long necklace would go far in jazzing it up a little, too.  I can see this on repeat at the school pick up line.  I could pair it with the jacket from this Stitch Fix Reviews and it would be a great night out outfit.

So, Stitch Fix, kudos on turning it all around after a not so great Fix.  I’m an even more loyal customer after experiencing the fantastic customer service!

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Here's what happened when I got a bad Stitch Fix and why I still love them.

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