My Honest Stitch Fix Review: Why I Love It

I promised you in my last post that I had a Stitch Fix Review coming up, didn’t I?  I wasn’t joking.  Today is the day.  Stitch Fix Review is happening.  I also promised it would either be awesome or hilarious.  I’m going to see what I can do to make it a little of both.  ***This post contains affiliate links.  If you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you!***

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a clothing styling service.  What does that mean?  Well, you fill out a Style Profile which is basically a bunch questions about your body type, your sizes and your preferred style and for a $20 styling fee (which is refunded if you purchase any of the pieces) the fantastic stylists at Stitch Fix do some type of magic and send you a box of clothes that are picked expressly for you!  You get to try everything on at home and then decide what you keep and what to send back. The only downside to Stitch Fix is the price.  If you’re looking for a more affordable service, try a ThredUp Goody Box.

I totally understand that you’re reading this and thinking, that would NEVER work for me, it’s too hard to find anything that fits.  I feel you.  I’m short, 5’2″.  I’m curvy.  I’m in the midst of losing weight.  I’m super particular about how things fit, especially pants.  Generally, when I go shopping for myself, I bring 20 things into the dressing room and I’m happy if I walk out with one or two that I’m satisfied with.

And, can I just say, I HATE the dressing room.  Is there a more judgmental mirror on earth than the one in the dressing room?  I swear it rolls it’s eyes everytime I turn my back.  One of the best things about Stitch Fix is that I don’t have to enter a dressing room.

Once you’ve received your package of clothing (generally 5 pieces), you have to decide what you love and what will go back.  If you decide to keep all five pieces, you get a 25% discount on the total price and as long as you choose at least one of the pieces, your $20 styling fee is taken off the price of the clothing.

Make sense?  Are you on board so far? Ok, let’s check out the clothes.

Bradford Moto Denim Jacket – Liverpool

This jacket is going to be worn on repeat.  It’s technically a denim jacket, but I love the moto style and the fact that’s black, not denim blue.  It’s also ridiculously comfortable, which I did not expect when I saw that I was getting a denim jacket.  Usually denim is sort of constricting and I do not like to be constricted.  But this denim is like your best stretchy pair of skinny jeans.  It fits like a glove while still allowing you to move freely.  In case you want to break out into some Michael Jackson moves.  And yes, there’s a smidge of Michael in those zippers.  And I’m totally fine with that.  This was a definite keep.

Binks Crochet Yoke Knit Top

So, when you order your Stitch Fix, you have no idea what you’re going to get.  You give the stylist as much direction as you can through your Style Profile, your notes and you can even share your Pinterest Style Board, but once you order, your fate is in the stylists hands.  I happened to be at work when my Fix was delivered, so I got to get a sneak peek at the clothes by looking at my Check Out before I left work.  When I saw this shirt on line, I was like, Meh.  Kind of a snoozer.  Then I got home and tried it on and I LOVE it.  The material is amazing and it is lined with sort of a cami, so it’s sort of got some structure to it, not nearly as flowy as I thought it would be.  The Swiss dot around the sleeves is my favorite thing ever.  The sleeves are super flattering.  Either that or I lost weight in my arms, because I normally would never wear this type of sleeve.  This was also a Keep!

PS, those jeans are not from , they’re Slim Bootcut Jeans from Banana Republic.  The are the best jeans ever created.  Ever.  If you’re a curvy lady like me, these are your best friend, trust me. I don’t buy any jeans except for these ones.  I wear a pair until they are completely faded and then I buy a new one so I can wear them to work on casual Friday.  I’m wearing my worn out ones right now and I may as well have on sweatpants.  These jeans are like a cozy old friend to me.

Reagan Skinny Pant from Liverpool

Ok, these poor pants don’t look like much, I know.  They are sort of a heavy weight legging that is just dressy enough for work.  I was on the fence with these, but they fit in the length, they are crazy comfortable and I will totally wear them with like a long sweater or tunic to work and then with something more casual for the weekend.  I’m wearing them below with one of the shirts that I got in this Fix, but honestly, it’s a smidge too short for my taste with these pants.  Or, rather, I should say, my thighs are a smidge too large to have that much of them showing.  Maybe after I lose my next 5 pounds.  I kept them anyway.

Amadine Raglan Sleeve Knit Top


I didn’t even have to think twice about this shirt.  I love anything that looks like a baseball shirt, I love coral and I love everything else about it.  So, it was a keep. Easy.

Ok, I think now is a good time to talk about how ridiculously awkward it is to take pictures of yourself.  I have no idea what to do with my face or my hands or any other part of my body, apparently.  It took WAY longer than you would ever imagine to get five photos (5!) in which my face, my hair and my body all cooperated at the same time.  And this picture, above, my face isn’t really cooperating.  I’m fully aware that there is a Stepford wives stare down happening with the camera.  And the crooked smile? It’s an old gymnastics injury.  My hair is on point, so let’s just focus on that, shall we?

Azaria Knit Dress – Kaileigh

This dress, when I pulled it out of the tissue paper, I thought, Oh, hell, no.  Way too low cut.  I loved the color and the polka dots and cut of it, though.  So I put it on.  Is it low cut?  Ah, yes.  For sure.  But there must be something about the polka dots though, because I don’t think it’s sleezy low cut.  It’s definitely on the sexy side, but I could definitely throw a camisole underneath it and wear it anywhere.  Or I could not throw a camisole on and where it to dinner with my husband.  (And he loves this dress, lol).  So, yeah, I kept the dress, too!

See what I mean?  But a white camisole and I’d wear that to church, right?

So, yes, I kept all five of the items that my stylist sent me.  Well done, Linda!  The one and only downside to Stitch Fix is that it is a bit pricey.  I ended up spending $224 for all five pieces, which I probably could stretch further at Marshall’s, but the quality is great.  I researched the brands that I was sent and you can find them at expensive department stores, so I’m okay with the splurge.  I mean, I just lost 17 pounds, I deserve a splurge, do I not??

Now it’s your turn!  If you are deserving of a bit of a splurge, click over to Stitch Fix and schedule your fix!

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  1. I always thought a service like this will never work for men. I’m too picky about my trouser fits and if the shirts are too baggy, no way! However, I might give it a try after reading this. Thanks for sharing.

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