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***This page contains affiliate links.  If you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you!***           Whenever I find a new blog, the first thing I look for is their house tour. It gives me a quick idea of whether or not the blogger’s style is one that will capture my imagination.  I also love seeing before and after photos, so I’m including those here as well.  I’m going to try to keep a running list of to do’s here, too.  This page will change, often, so consider this the first draft of many.

House Tour

The Exterior


So, as promised, the real before pictures.  I took this picture a couple of springs ago while I was working on the front yard.  We have since done many big ticket updates.  But none have been photographed yet because there is still SO much more to do to get this where I want it.  If I show it to you now, you’d be like, “Ehh”.  🙁

1.  New siding – DONE!  

2.  New windows – DONE!  

3.  New garage door

4.  New stairs, porch?

5.  New deck (out back)

6.  Landscaping

7.  Numbers for garage and house

8. Outdoor lighting

9.  New roof – DONE!  No pictures because roofs are boring.

10.  Destroy the Pine Trees – we have over 30 of them in our yard and they are the worst!  The needles are impossible and they block all sunlight from reaching our house. 

Even with what we’ve accomplished, there is still a lot to do to the exterior.  We’ll get there!

The Living Room, aka Parlor, aka Former Dining Room



DIY Book Page Wreath

This room, which is just to the left of the entry area, has been through a big transformation.  It was originally the dining room, but it works much better as sort of a sitting room.  We do have a tv in here but we mostly do a lot of phone surfing in here.  This room also has a little built in hutch that I’ve transformed to make it look less dining room and more sitting room.



I don’t have too many things on the to do list for this room at the moment:

1.  Rug

2.  Switch out the light – DONE!  No more chandelier in the Living Room.

3.  Restyle the side tables – DONE!  Actually, I just replaced the old one’s with these orange ones.

4.  New shades for the lamps – Uhh, this has been on this list for seriously ever.  Shame.

And here’s the before, when it was a dining room and before we lived here.  I have to admit, while it’s obviously another person’s taste, I can appreciate this dining room.  I love the big mirror on that wall and the furniture was very pretty.  It definitely had a specific look that I think the woman that lived in this house loved.








Pendant Lights

Counter Stools

I’m in love with my kitchen.  I don’t know if that is weird, but it is true.  It was a labor of love (not literally labor, as my carpenter brother did the heavy lifting).  I picked out every fixture, sat for hours with the designer at Home Depot, compared countertops and layouts and floor tile.  I loved, passionately loved, finding the things I wanted in this room.  It feels so personal to me.  I actually get a little emotional thinking about it.  That is probably weird, but I’m ok with that.

Just a few things to do in here:

1.  Add missing molding (Can you find the missing molding?)

2.  Window coverings

3.  Light above sink

And you gotta love this before:



Dining Room



I think the dining room is the best expression of my personal style.  It’s a little quirky, but grounded with a traditionalism (word? not a word?).  The wallpaper is my favorite thing in the house.  It’s one of those things I’m proud of not because I think it’s beautiful, but because I loved it when I saw it on-line and I bought it even though I was petrified that other people would think I was insane for hanging it.  I was wrong, everyone that sees it compliments it.  And while I know it’s obviously not for everyone, it is 100% for me and that is why I’m proud of it.  It took a little bit of courage to put it up and I want to infuse more of those courageous decisions into the rest of the house.

To Do:

  1.  Paint the baseboard heaters white
  2. Replace the piece of missing molding.  We must have a molding thief around here.

And the before (I swear this is the same house):

FamilyRoom Before

Family Room


I finally got around to taking some decent pictures of this room.  It has been through a lot of changes, but it is probably the one room in the house that I want to do the most to.  I want it to be super cozy for the family, but also bright and cheerful.  We’re getting there.

1.  Curtains or other window treatment- I actually did this already, but it now needs to be done again since having put in  new windows and molding.  

2.  Fireplace makeover

3.  Area rugs

4. Pillows – DONE – I mean, insofar as you are ever “done” with getting pillows.

5.  More or better storage

6.  Window seat (some day!)

7.  New couch – Someday

And a before for your viewing pleasure:



Master Bedroom

I redid the Master Bedroom as part of the One Room Challenge last year and I am still smitten with it.  The navy blue walls are so cozy.  Still have some to do’s in here. 

  1.  Closet Doors
  2. More lighting

Add a Master Bath (like how I snuck that in there like it’s no big deal?

And a before pic of the master for you.  With twin beds.

Alright, that’s everything except the bathrooms and the kids rooms. There is one before picture that I don’t have an after for that I want to share with you, though. It’s the before of our 1/2 bath.



Yup, that happened.

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