The Secret to a Great Hair Day

I have a true story to share with you.  On Monday, my work sister (I have a work sister and a work brother.  They call me their work mom, but I like to consider myself their work older sister who raised them like Charlie from Party of Five raised his younger siblings…sorry, I digress…) was complaining of a bad hair day.  Her hair felt weighed down and greasy and she was so sad.  Like a good work older sister who gave up her youth to raise her, I told her she was crazy and that her hair was gorgeous.  Which it totally is even on a bad hair day.  Luckily my work sister didn’t listen to me because she discovered the secret ingredient to a fabulous hair day.

The Secret to a Great Hair Day 2

That’s right, it’s baking soda.  Work sister took her problem to Pinterest and found a solution.  When you find your hair is not looking it’s best, add about a teaspoon of baking soda to your shampoo when you wash your hair, then condition as you normally would.  When work sister came to work the next day, I immediately noticed her hair looked shinier and had more body.  It also seemed to be softer, which I confirmed by groping her head.

Of course, I couldn’t blog about it if I didn’t try it myself  I have been having yucky hair days lately, too, but instead of greasy hair, mine has been dry and looking fried.  I really was skeptical that the baking soda would help this problem.  I was wrong.  It totally worked.  My hair is shinier, softer and looking all around a lot healthier.

I love it when something is easy, cheap and actually works!

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