Buy It, Spy It or DIY It – Urban Outfitters

Let’s start the weekend off with a bang and play a round of Buy It, Spy It or DIY It – Urban Outfitters.

Buy It Spy It DIY It Urban Outfitters

Wait, you’ve never played?  It’s so fun. I pick out a bunch of stuff I want for my house and then you guess if I’m going to Buy It, Spy It (find it somewhere else cheaper) or DIY It (make it myself).  Let’s get it started.

Assembly Home Plus Sign Curtain:


Assembly Home Plus Sign Curtain – This was a close call.  These curtains are 25% off if you buy two right now, which means a pair would be about $58.  If that’s in your budget, I’d say go for it.  If it’s a bit pricey for you, you could totally DIY these with a sheer-ish white Ikea curtain, a thick Sharpie paint pen and a whole lot patience.  And probably a ruler. 

Zoe Two-Tiered Stand - Urban Outfitters: Buy It

Zoe Two-Tiered Stand – This one was really tough.  I really really really really like this side table.  A lot.  On sale for $199 still makes this a little expensive for me, especially since I would want two for either side of my bed. I wanted to make this a Spy It, but, truthfully, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this before.  So, perhaps I will save my pennies and buy a pair.

Detendre Peacock Chair: Spy It

Detendre Peacock Chair – This one was easy.  I definitely don’t have the budget to spend $498 on a chair, but I’m in luck.  My mother has one in her basement!  It’s a product of the early 80’s, so it’s not the modern update on a Peacock chair that this one is, but, to quote my father-in-law, if it’s free, it’s for me.  I’ve seen these in thrift stores as well.  They are a big impact and definitely need to be in the *right* room or it will look out of place and dated, but if you have that bohemian chic vibe going, this would work.

Three By Three Seattle Sort-It-Out Wipe-Off Board Wall Caddy:


Three By Three Seattle Sort-It-Out Wipe-Off Board Wall Caddy – I seriously think this thing is GENIUS.  Love it.  So multi-functional, yet stream lined.  My dream product that marries both form and function.  HOWEVER, I would have a VERY hard time spending $46 dollars on it.  I think this is a DIY waiting to happen, for sure.

Ceramic Food Storage Bowl Set:

Buy It

Ceramic Food Storage Bowl Set – You love these.  I love these.  Let’s just buy them.  How much more tasty will your leftover mac and cheese be in these adorable bowls?  They are $34 for the set.  A tiny bit pricey, but, I guarantee you I would be way more likely to not lose these than I would, say, cheap knock off tupperware from the grocery store.

Wire Wall Grid:


Wire Wall Grid – I want this so much for above my desk.  Again, the marriage of form meets function that sucks me in every time.  You could definitely DIY this, though.  Scour the local Home Depot for some type of metal grid and some copper spray paint and you could knock this out in an afternoon if the $59 price range is not in the budget.

Shell Trinket Box:

Buy It

Shell Trinket Box – How sweet are these?  They are $10.  They are totally special enough to spend $10 on.  Love love love.

Emoji Sticker Sheet Set - Urban Outfitters:

Buy It

Emoji Sticker Sheet Set – My kids would LOVE these.  And, actually, there is a craft project I want to try with stickers that these would possibly be great for.

There you have it!  Happy Friday!

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