Felted Soap Easter Eggs

I couldn’t let Easter come and go without at least one Easter related craft.  You all know my love for felted soap, and when you use multiple colors of wool when felting, you get sort of a pretty Easter egg effect.  So, I present to you, Felted Soap Easter Eggs!

Felted Soap Easter Eggs

Cute, right?  I love making felted soap because it is useful and beautiful.  This took a little tweaking to also get it to be Easter inspired, but I still used only materials I had on hand to get the soap to be in the shape of an Easter egg.  If you haven’t seen my first felted soaps, you can read about how to make them and why I love them here.  The only thing I don’t love about felted soap is that I have only ever found the roving wool on-line.  So, if you want to make this before Easter, you’re going to need get quick shipping. I got my roving wool from Amazon here.  This is the third project I have made with the wool I bought and I still have enough left over to do one more full size bar of soap.

Materials for Felted Soap Easter Eggs

Supplies for Felted Soap Easter Eggs

Plastic Eggs (I used four eggs)

Roving Wool in your choice of colors

Melt and Pour soap (1lb package) (This you can get at your local craft store)

Tape (I used electrical tape because I happened to have it close by.  Duct tape would work)


Egg carton with some empty spots to hold your plastic eggs while you fill them and they solidify

Nylons that you don’t mind discarding


  1.  Snip a hole at the top of your plastic egg.  This is where you will pour in the melted soap.

Egg with Hole

2.  Tape the middle of the egg where it opens.  AND TAPE THE TWO HOLES AT THE BOTTOM OF THE EGG.  I am yelling this at you because I forgot to do this.  TWICE!  Big mess people.  HUGE.

taped egg

3.  Place your egg in the egg carton so that it is in a sturdy spot while you pour the soap in.

4.  Melt your soap in the microwave.  I cut off two cubes of soap at a time and microwaved them for 30 seconds until they were completely melted.

5.  Pour your soap into the egg through the hole you cut.  At first, I made a small funnel out of wax paper to pour the soap into, but I eventually discovered that it was just easy to pour it directly into the hole itself.  Each egg took about two cubes of soap to fill completely.

6.  Allow the soap to harden for several hours.

7. Once the soap has set, remove it from the eggs.  This is actually not as easy as it sounds.  You will need to sort of free the soap from the egg.  There may be some excess to scrape off and you may need to run it under hot water for a minute to loosen the soap a little.

8.  Your next step is to add the roving wool to the soap. I will direct you to my instructions on how to felt soap here.

Felted Soap for Easter

In all this project takes about 30 minutes of actual working time and a couple hours of waiting for the soap to harden.  I really love how they came out and I can’t wait to give these as gifts!

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