Want : Need : Wear : Make : Eat

I have to confess I completely forgot about this great idea I had for a a recurring post called Want, Need, Wear, Make, Eat.  It’s a riff on the idea that children’s Christmas lists should be four things, Something You Want, Something You Need, Something to Wear and Something to Read.  Except I switched Read with Make (as in a craft) and I added Eat in randomly.  Because, you know, food.  Deliciousness.  So without further ado…

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Something I Want

Annie Howes Create Your Own Pendant Necklace Kit is smart buy and fun way to make a high quality craft. A great gift for a girlfriend, or a fun activity for preteen or teen girls, the kit offers the perfect way to use your creativity to design your own on:

If you’re not familiar with The Grommet, it’s a really fun site that allows start up makers sell their goods.  I love the necklaces pictured above from Annie Howes.  You don’t actually buy a necklace, you but a kit to make your own. And the kit makes 6 pendants!  This would be a great girls night craft.   How fun is that?  Totally unique handmade with a fool proof kit.  I’m sold.

Something I Need

Sony Xperia C4 Case - IVSO® Sony Xperia C4 - Super Frosted Shield Cover High Quality Case+ Crystal Clear Screen Protector -will only fit Sony Xperia C4 phone (Gold)

So, I dropped my cell phone and smashed it the other day which means I really need a new case for my new phone that is coming tomorrow!  I know, technically, I should be bummed that I broke my phone and had to spend money to buy a new one.  Of course, I am.  But, I’m also secretly happy because the camera on my old phone was horrible.  I’m getting a refurbished phone, the Sony Experia.  I’ve had this phone before and the camera is excellent and that is what is most important to me in a cell phone. The second most important thing to me in a cell phone is the price and the one I’m getting from newegg.com was only $149.  Maybe someday I will not think it is insane to spend many hundreds of dollars on a phone, but today is not that day.

Something to Wear

The perfect spring work outfit:

I’m obsessed with this outfit (and every other outfit) on White Coat Wardrobe.  PS, her Instagram is pictures of what she wears everyday.   It’s so awesome.

Something to Make


I really love these DIY Watercolor paintings from Burlap and Blue.  I think these are just gorgeous and very diy-able, especially with the tutorial included on the blog.  Click over and try these.  Bonus, they cost about $2 per canvas!

Something to Eat

Simple Chocolate Parfait:

I want these Simple Chocolate parfaits from Simply Designing with Ashley.  Like, right now.  I must eat them now.

That’s a wrap for the week! Happy Easter on Sunday!

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