13 Fall Decor Ideas You Can DIY!

Fall is really making itself known here in the Northeast.  The calendar might not show it, but the mornings and evenings are chilly and the leaves are starting to change…just a few, but it’s definitely starting.  Summer is awesome, we all know this and it is probably the most anticipated season of the year, but there is something special about fall.  It makes you want to come back inside, sit under a blanket and drink some hot chocolate.  Why not bring a little of that fall feeling into the house with some easy fall inspired crafts?  Grab your sweater and some boots and get inspired by the 13 Best Crafts for a Cozy Fall.

Check out these simple and cozy Fall Decor Ideas that you can easily make!  Super simple DIY's!

13 Cozy Fall Decor Ideas You Can DIY

#1 – Fall Wreath

Let’s start right at the front door with a pretty Fall wreath.  I happened to have made the one pictured above.  There ‘s a full tutorial in this post, but it is very simple to make.  Can you guess what it’s made of?  Besides the dried Hydrangeas?  It’s amazing what a small amount of effort and LARGE amount of hot glue can do!

#2 – Acorn Inspired Craft

These DIY Acorns from Domestically Blissful blew me away.  You’re going to die when you see what these are made of.  I’m totally making these.  I’ll let you know how they come out!

#3 – DIY The Smell of Fall

What’s cozier than the smell of apple pie and cinnamon?  Nothing, that’s what.  This simmering pot of goodness from the Happier Homemaker is simple and will give your house a dimensional coziness.  Cozy is sight, touch, and smell and this has the smell covered. If it makes you want to eat apple pie all day, well, that’s the price you’re going to have to pay.

#4 – Cozy Yarn Pumpkins

I made these little yarn pumpkins a few years ago.  They are a lovely pop of color and the texture of the yarn is definitely cozy.  These are a cute little, sneak up on you kind of craft.  They aren’t very big, but put them on the right shelf and they are totally eye catching.

#5 & #6- Leaf Crafts

Dollar Store metallic leaves - the perfect dollar store craft for fall!


Leaves kind of are what gave fall it’s name. That fall leaf banner from Sondra Lyn at Home is the perfect touch for your mantle.  And just think of the possibilities for those metallic painted dollar store leaves from The Crazy Craft Lady!  So pretty and so simple.  You could string them for another option as a garland on the mantel, or just sprinkle them about!

#7 – Upcycle some sticks

You would probably pay big money for these gorgeous gold branches at say, Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel, but really, a can of spray and some sticks from your yard and these stunners are yours for practically nothing!  Pop them in a nice big vase and suddenly you have expensive looking, large scale decor for your dining room table.  Or wherever else you can fit big sticks and a vase.  Thanks for the tip Pop Sugar!

#8 – Pumpkin Inspired Crafts

I love this whimsical, yet traditional framed pumpkin from DIY Show Off.  It totally says fall, but without being all orange and brown in your face.

#9 – Book Page Fall Banner

2015 fall display

Some string and an old book.  That’s all you really need for this fall banner from Dream Design DIY.  Instant charm and fall flair in your home.

#10 – Flannel Coasters

Now this is really getting ready for Fall.  These flannel coasters from View from the Fridge are cozy, useful and just an unexpected delight!  If only I’d kept all of my old flannels from the 90’s!  Off to the thrift store to buy all of the flannel!  (Oh my God, I just thought of something.  Are my kids going to go to the thrift store someday to buy “90’s costumes” like I went to the thrift store to buy “70’s costumes”??)

#11 & #12 – Free Fall Printables

Does printing free printables even count as a craft?  These pretty fall inspired prints with quotes are the easiest way to bring Fall inside.  Print and frame.  Or, perhaps even print and tape.  Isn’t that shot of the tree gorgeous??  I know the photographer.  (Hint, it’s me!)

#13 – Pretty Pine Cones

And no one knows better than I do that pine cones are synonymous with Fall.  I have 30 pine trees in my yard.  It’s a lot of pine cones and needles.  A LOT.  Instead of cursing them daily, why not bring some pine cones in and give them a makeover?  I love these Gilded Pine Cones from The Sweetest Occasion.

Ok, now, to get started.  At least on one.  What are you going to make??

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