20 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween is always at the top of the list of favorite holidays for my son.  Mostly because of the candy, but he loves the creepy Halloween decor, too!  Of course I want to indulge him, but it can definitely get expensive if you’re buying ready made stuff from those pop up Halloween stores.  The solution?  DIY it, baby.  I’ve found 20 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations to deck your spooky halls!

Try some of these amazing and easy DIY Halloween Decorations!

20 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

Spooky Crystal Ball Candlesticks

Spooky Crystal Ball Halloween Candle Sticks from Flamingo Toes

These beautiful and creepy candle sticks are way easier to make than they look!  Click over for a full tutorial!

How To Make a Haunted Mirror - great tutorial for a creepy ghost kid mirror. I'd look for a more round or oval frame to look like an old timey mirror and probably fray the edges of the paper before I glue them on. Love this!

Haunted Mirror from Ghost Hunting Theories

Oh, this is just too creepy.  I have an idea brewing in my head to do a mini haunted house this year and this would be so much fun.

Ghoulish Illumination- Light Cover Ghosts

Light Cover Ghosts from Sadie Seasongoods

These are more cute than scary, but they would be really fun on your mantel, or maybe even in a window.  If you don’t have those old glass light covers, don’t worry Habitat Restore or most local thrift shops have them.

DIY Printed Halloween Candles from Gina Michele

How great are these candles??  They are so simple and inexpensive to make. A bunch of these lined up on the dining room table would be the perfect touch.

DIY halloween wreath instance, I saw this creepy twig wreath at Crate and Barrel and I loved it, but …

Spooky Halloween DIY Wreath from Earnest Home Co.

This chic little wreath is all of my favorite things.  Pretty, cheap and easy.

Happy Halloween Printable from The Shabby Creek Cottage

It doesn’t get much easier or cheaper than a free printable.  Printables are perfect for adding a touch of holiday spirit without going broke or overboard.

Halloween Decorations To Make - Make a Haunted House From An Old Doll House...

Doll House to Haunted House from She Walks Softly

The tutorial for this one isn’t available, but if you have one of these plastic doll houses in the basement or the attic, then the premise is pretty simple.  Spray paint, craft paint and your imagination.

These GIANT gilded insect art pieces are such a crazy, glam 3D addition to my living room! They were super simple to make and you can get ALL the supplies you need at the craft store! (Or order them from Amazon and you don't even need to leave the couch!)

Faux Taxidermy from The Gathered Home

Who knew Halloween could be so chic?  These are actually intended to be kept up all year round, so if you’re into that buggy look, go for it.

halloween mantel 2013

Witch Halloween Mantel from Home Stories A to Z

This mantel is so spooky and fun.  There are full instructions on how to DIY that cool witch if you click over!

Easy Spider Crown TUTORIAL // www.deliacreates.com

Spider Crown from Delia Creates

If you need just a little touch of Halloween to wear to work, I think this Spider crown is the perfect thing.  Or, of course it could be included in your full Halloween costume.

Floating Head Hanging Ghosts from Simply Designing

Love these creepy floating ghost heads!  Don’t be afraid to do these indoors, too!

Spirit Jugs from Eighteen25

Start saving your milk jugs!  These are so simple, so cheap and so cute.

Oh the Cuteness!: October 2011

Trash Bag Curtains from Oh The Cuteness

Ooh, these would be the perfect creepy touch for the Haunted House I am planning in my head.  They look creepy and trash bags feel totally creepy, too.

Wriggling Snake Wreath | Martha Stewart

Wriggling Snake Wreath from Martha Stewart

Leave it to Martha to make a wriggling snake wreath look classy.

oreo eye ball halloween cookie cake

Oreo Eyeball Halloween Cake from Little Miss Momma

It kills me when someone comes up with an easy but so awesome idea like this.  Bravo Little Miss Momma.  You are winning Halloween.

Karin Lidbeck: Crepe Paper Halloween, Back to Basics

Crepe Paper Halloween from Your Cozy Home

That bow is my life.  From crepe paper??  Go on, click over and get the tutorial.

Cheap trash bag Halloween decorating | How About Orange

Trash Bag Spider Web from How About Orange

I’ve actually made these spider webs before and they are easy and cheap.  Very big impact for very little money and effort.

HM trees 1

Halloween Mantel Trees from Wholesale Supply

Well these little trees are simply gorgeous.

Love this DIY skull string art!! Click though for a photo tutorial!

DIY Skull String Art from A Beautiful Mess

This is another DIY that is a lot simpler than it looks.  Totally grown up Halloween decor that the kids will love, too!

Halloween Motley Crew: “Haunted” Figurines

Haunted Figurines from Sadie Seasongoods

Oh these are possibly my favorite of the bunch.  I love the glossy black and the red eyes are the best.

Alright, time to get cracking on some Halloween stuff!  If anyone out there has any advice on doing a Haunted House, let me know!!

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Have an awesome Halloween with Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

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