15 DIY Dollar Store Decor Projects That Only Look Expensive

I’m a girl on a budget.  Until this blog thing takes off, I’m counting pennies, especially when it comes to the “wants” like home decor.

Fortunately for me a glue gun, a few supplies from the Dollar Tree and a little creativity are super cheap!

Here are 15 DIY Dollar Store Decor Projects That Only Look Expensive.

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It’s hard to imagine that all of these pretty projects came from the dollar store, but with just a little imagination, these DIY’ers have really made their dollar go a very long way.

I love looking for inspiration from some of the big brand names (Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Anthropologie) and seeing if I can get the same look and feel of their decor pieces with dollar store items and my crafting skills.

The DIY Custom Candles that you’ll see below were inspired by a similar item from Urban Outfitters.

15 DIY Dollar Store Decor Projects That Only Look Expensive

DIY: Plaster Dipped Flower Votives | Design Mom

Plaster Dipped Flower Votives from Design Mom

Ok, these Plaster Dipped Votives from Design Mom look like they were ripped from the pages of an Anthropologie catalog.  Stunning.

I might need to make these for my Thanksgiving Tablescape.

A few dollar store fake flowers and some Plaster of Paris from Michael’s and you’re good to go!

Update!  I did try them, check it out:

These were super messy to make, but I do love how they came out. I didn’t leave space for a votive, because I was thinking more like I would add these to picture frames or mirrors.

What would you do with these?

DIY Marbled Mugs

DIY Marbled Dollar Tree Mugs

How cute are these little mugs I made from the dollar store?  With dollar tree nail polish and dollar tree mugs!

Nail polish crafts are so much and easy to do.

These would be cute as a teacher gift filled with some candy or pencils.

I will warn you these DON’T hold up in the dishwasher without a sealer!

DIY Dollar Store Plate Decor from Average But Inspired

I love these plates from Average But Inspired!

They are simple and graphic and look like you paid a lot of money for them at Crate & Barrel.

I also love that they are not just another print hung on the wall.  The plates give a little dimension to the room.

Salvage Dior: Rubber Door Mat Wall Art

Rubber Door Mat Wall Decor from Salvage Dior

Genius!  I love this idea from Salvage Decor.

That thing looks like painted wrought iron which is totally expensive.

It’s a rubber mat from the dollar store.  I can’t even.


Candle Makeover from the Blissful Bee

It does not get more simple than sticking thumbtacks into a candle.

I mean, right?  I think there is literally nothing easier.

But, boy do they upgrade your basic white candle.

Well played, Blissful Bee!

My Best Friend's Blog: Antique Mirror

DIY Vintage Mirror from My Best Friend’s Blog

This mirror from My Best Friend’s Blog is so pretty!

It reminds me of a window frame.  It definitely has that farm house chic vibe going on, but the straight lines keep it modern and minimal.

Such a simple and inexpensive way to fill a blank wall.

I couldn’t find those rectangular mirrors at Dollar Tree, but I did find these Hexagon ones and I actually think I need to try this for my house.

I’ll report back.

Coffee House Style Chalkboard from Starfish Cottage Blog

These are amazing!

Foamcore boards turned into custom chalkboard signs from Starfish Cottage.  Just imagine all of the different ways you could make these.

Another great, economical way to fill up a boring wall. You can get 20 foam core boards for $25 at Dollar Tree.

Transform a simple Dollar Store cookie sheet into a handy magnetic organizer with a few simple supplies. Use this DIY organizing solution anywhere in your house!

Cookie Sheet Organizer from The Crazy Craft Lady

I could use one of these cookie sheet organizers from the Crazy Craft Lady in every room of my house.

A few magnets and I’d never lose an important piece of paper again.  I might also have to start sticking magnets on the back of everything.

Can you imagine?

Make a Cotton Wreath using dollar store supplies - the perfect fall wreath - fall decor

Cotton Wreaths from the Crazy Craft Lady

Two in a row from The Crazy Craft Lady.

If I had a prize, she’d win!

I love these simple wreaths.

They are totally farmhouse chic, but they would do well in any style of decor, really.

I can't believe these gorgeous gold chargers are made from those clear plastic trays from the dollar store. All she did was spray paint them!

Gold Chargers from Red Head Can Decorate

Gold Chargers are expensive.

I know because I’ve thought about buying them when I am rich and famous.

Now I don’t have to wait thanks to this DIY from Red Head Can Decorate!  I’m slowly pulling together an amazing Thanksgiving table with these ideas.

(You could also just BUY 12 gold charger plates for $15 bucks at Dollar Tree).

Bandana Pillows from Heathered Nest

Theses pillows from the Heathered Nest are perfect for a family room or a tween’s room.

Love this idea! I can totally see these in a college dorm room.

I love the bold colors and the classic bandana pattern.

sunburst mirror with label-001

Sunburst Mirror from Healthy Wealthy DIYs

$10 for that mirror from Healthy Wealthy DIY’s?

No one will believe you when you tell them that.  In fact, don’t tell anyone that.  Just smile and say thank you when people compliment you on it.

When they ask where you got, just say, oh, I picked it up at a little shop when I was out of town.

No one needs to know that shop was the Dollar Tree a town over.

dollar store hurricane vases

Hurricane Vases from My Blessed Life

These are super classy vases from My Blessed Life.

I love how they are filled with gourds and other fall items.  Of course, you could totally switch those out as the seasons change.

I can picture them with Christmas ornaments and then filled with sand and seashells for the summer.  Lovely.

Dollar Store Terrarium from the Budget Decorator

I’ve been wanting to do a terrarium for a long time.

The only thing holding me back is that I’m a plant serial killer.  I think this one from the Budget Decorator is filled with mostly dried stuff, so maybe I could try this one!

I’m pretty sure I can keep a bunch of dried out plants alive.

I'm obsessed with this DIY Metallic Rope Basket - so perfect to drape throw blankets in!

Metallic Rope Throw Basket from Lydi Out Loud

This basket from Lydi Out Loud is easy, cheap and totally customizeable!

You can’t ask for a lot more than that from your dollar store!  Pick the paint to match your room and you have created instant cheap storage.

Who doesn’t need that in their life?

DIY Custom Photo Candle

DIY Custom Photo Candles from Lifestyle for Real Life 

This is a super simple project from yours truly to update plain dollar store candles. Completely custom, too!  You can change these out for different holidays, season, or with different color schemes to match your decor.

And, yes, the candles are a dollar.

I definitely will be trying at least a few of these ideas!

I have my eye on those plaster dipped votives.  They are so dainty and pretty.

If you liked it then you shoulda put a pin in it!

Let's Get Creative! I've collected the inspiration for awesome Dollar Store DIY's that you can totally make!

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