13 Killer Nail Polish Crafts You Had No Idea You Could Make!

Some days you feel like painting something.  Does that ever happen to you? You just get the urge to paint?  But then you realize you don’t have any paint in the house.  Except… you probably do.  In little teeny tiny bottles in the way back of a cabinet or the bottom of an old makeup bag… you’ve got old bottles of nail polish.  And you can totally paint with those!  Watch, I’ll show you.  I’ve got 13 Nail Polish Crafts you can make today!

Before we get to the projects, let me just tell you that the best nail polish you can use for crafts is the cheap stuff.  The fast dry stuff, that doesn’t work well.  These are totally Dollar Tree DIY’s, ok?  No need to spend a ton of money on this.

13 Killer Nail Polish Crafts You Didn’t Even Know You Could Make!

Dollar Store DIY’s with Nail Polish


I grabbed a bunch of items from the dollar store and marbled them with nail polish, also from the dollar store!

This makes a big impact!

And it’s simple and fun. You can check out the tutorial here.

Color Blocked Bobby Pins from The Thinking Closet

I’m totally making these color blocked bobby pins from The Thinking Closet.  They are so snazzy.  Total 80’s throw back vibe, too.  Which, I feel is back, right?  The 80’s are back.  I said it out loud.  It’s true.

Bobby pins fit my favorite crafty criterion, cute and useful  And the tutorial is insanely simple and non-messy, you won’t even believe it.

Put these on your list asap.

Flower Bud Vases from Nail Polish Bottles from Creme de la Craft

Is there a better idea ever than these little bud vases made from your empty nail polish bottles at Creme de la Craft?

You’re probably going to use up all of your old nail polish.  Now you can even craft with the EMPTY nail polish bottles.  This is 100% brilliant.  It’s kind of the ultimate craft.

Nail Polish Decorated Rocks from Bonita Rose

Have you seen painted rocks in the wild?  It’s a great idea.  You paint some rocks and put a happy message on them and then leave them around in places where a stranger might stumble upon them.

There rocks decorated with nail polish from Bonita Rose are perfect for this.  They are bright and cheery and deliver some powerful messages.

This is a great idea for a Girl Scout troop.

Nail Polish and Snowflakes from Muslin and Merlot

I love these pretty snowflakes from Muslin and Merlot!  They are so dainty. I can see a mess of them in the window, catching the sun

The flakes themselves are made with your glue gun, which I think is great.  I love the idea of using the glue gun as sort of a sculpting tool.

Nail Polish Flower Rings from Instructables

These little “stained glass” rings from Instructables are a perfect little DIY.  Making your own jewelry is lots of fun. It provides many opportunities for you to say, “Thanks, I made it!”.  Which, really, there aren’t many things  better in life, are there?

This one does take some skills with the pliers to get the frame for the ring right, but with a little practice these should be a cinch

These rings would make perfect little handmade gifts, too.  I’ve also seen the flowers assembled into a crown for you music festival goers.

Washer Necklaces from Glue Sticks Blog

These bright and cheery pendants are made from the very industrial washer.  A bit of nail polish and you’d never know they used to boring old gray washers.

The colors on these necklaces from Glue Sticks Blog are perfect.  Bright and cheery and totally eye catching.

These are super simple and inexpensive to make.  They are a great weekend afternoon DIY.

DIY Galaxy Necklace from Oh the Lovely Things

Another jewelry DIY?  Yes.  Because these DIY Galaxy Necklaces from Oh The Lovely Things are ridiculous.

I want to make them all tomorrow morning when I wake up.  They are sparkly and blue and there is glitter.

And who doesn’t love glitter?

All the Marbled Nail Polish Crafts

Ok, so I’ve decided to set aside all the marbled nail polish crafts into their own little section here because you can marble almost ALL the things.  The process is simple, if somewhat messy.  What you choose to marble is totally up to you!

Marbled Christmas Ornaments

I made these ornaments several Christmases ago and every year when I take them out of the ornament mess, I love them all over again.

The nail polish holds up really well.  And I am not careful with my ornaments.  At all.  They look so pretty on the tree and the marbling technique is so simple.

This is a technique every person who says they aren’t crafty should try.

Marbled Mugs from eHow

These pretty marbled mugs from eHow are a perfect upcycle for a thrift store or dollar store mug.

I like that they’ve chosen slightly muted colors here.  Not everything has to be completely in your face in order to be memorable.  I try to tell myself that every time I start a new project.

But I’m kind of a fan of in your face though.

Marbled Beads from Hispana Global

How pretty are these marbled bead bracelets from Hispana Global?  I’m not actually a big jewelry person, but I would totally wear this bracelet.

I love the multi-color effect that this bracelet has, but there’s not reason you couldn’t also tone this down just a smidge and go with one or two colors for a more cohesive color scheme.

This would be a lovely handmade gift.

Marbled Coasters from Mum in the Madhouse

Blue is my favorite color. And these marbled coasters from Mum in the Madhouse (great blog name!) are doing blue perfectly.

This is sort of what I mean when I say not everything has to be completely in your face.  There’s just two (maybe three?) shades of blue here with a lot of white space and it is so effective.

These are totally modern and expensive looking.

Marbled Ring Dishes from Color Made Happy

A great little trinket dish like this marbled one from Color Made Happy  is a great little vessel for little bits and bobbles.  Like rings or coins.  Or whatever small things you have laying around places to be corralled.

I love the gold accents on these little dishes.  Very pretty and useful, too.

Succulent Planter from Madame Citron

And last but not least are these marbled succulent planters from Madame Citron.

These have lots of colors happening and they are mixing together nicely!  I can see these as a great teacher’s gift at the holidays or for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Now What?

I’m heading over to Amazon to order some bobby pins.  Ok, maybe I should just go to the store myself for Bobby Pins.  I mean, really.  But I’m definitely making those colorblocked bobby pins.  Maybe I’ll pick a couple more, too.

What did you love? What are you going to make?  What did I leave off the list that you’ve made that’s awesome?  Leave me a message in the comments and let me know!

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