10 Amazing DIY Painted Rocks You Have to Try This Summer!

99% of the time, I am not into making crafts that do not serve a purpose.  For instance, I’ll make a wreath to create a welcoming front entrance, I’ll make a clay dish to hold trinkets or I’ll upcycle some $1 candles for custom made decor.  DIY Painted Rocks are the 1% of the time that my imagination has been captured by something that I like solely for two reasons:  1.  They are adorable and 2. They are very calming, almost meditative to make.  I’ve found tons of inspiration on Pinterest and I’m sharing my favorites with you today, but watch for my spin on Painted Rocks next week! ***This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.  If you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no cost to you!

***UPDATE!! – I tried my own rock painting and you can check out them out here!!***  

10 Best DIY Painted Rocks

What’s great about painted rocks is that you shouldn’t really have to buy anything to make your version, for the most part.  Grab some rocks from the yard and then use up your craft paint, or nail polish and go for it!  If you paint a base coat of white on the rocks, you can even decorate them with sharpies or gel pens.

These graphic painted rocks from Alisa Burke are so fun!  I love the bright colors.

She turned hers into fridge magnets, so there is some use in painted rocks, after all!  Still these would be pretty just thrown in the garden or on a window sill.  They look fairly simply to replicate and the design possibilities are endless!

You know you’re kids want their amazing school papers hung from the fridge with a super cool rock magnet, right?


This version of “painted” rocks from Color Made Happy uses Gelly Roll Pens and Extra Fine Point Paint Pens.  These would make great worry stones or you could place them in your potted plants for a little sneaky pop of color.

The colors are really gorgeous here and they look like you could very Zen while making them.  Unless you’re not good with that kind of detailed drawing.

I’m not, so these wouldn’t be very Zen for me at all.  But that’s ok!  There’s plenty of other options.


I think we could change the world with proper placement of these cute little rocks. They are no longer available on Etsy, but they would be super simple to make, right?

Imagine dropping one of these every time you are out and about.  Would it not make someone’s day to find an inspiring rock like this?  If I were still a Girl Scout troop leader, I would totally do this with my girls.


These Woodland Rocks from Deco Art are definitely the cutest of the bunch!

Don’t think you have the drawing skills to pull this off?  Check the simple tutorial they offer.  You can totally do this.

I would love these in a woodland inspired nursery.  Well, somewhere where you’re baby can’t reach them.  Ok, maybe rocks in a nursery is a bad idea.


We’re back to Alisa Burke with these Sugar Skull painted rocks.  Hello, Halloween is right around the corner.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask Michael’s or Joanns or Homegoods.

I think these are DIY-able, right??  What makes these less intimidating is the black outlining that Alisa does to give form to the paint strokes for the flowers, I think.



How awesome are these veggie and fruit painted rocks from Adventure in a Box? These were used as garden markers, so another one that checks the useful box.

I love the little cutesy faces on them.  Kids would totally love making these.



These Mandala painted rocks from The WHOot are my favorite.  I practiced these a little while I was on vacation last week and they are so relaxing to work on.

This is something where you are concentrating on each dot and blocking out everything else in the world.  You look up from one of these and you’re not sure if a minute passed or an hour.


Glow in the Dark Rocks! This would be funny as hell to set outside for Marty when he comes home from work! lmao!

These Glow in the Dark rocks are hilarious.  First of all, how easy are these to make?  So easy.

There’s a tutorial on Joanns.com, but seriously, you got this.  Grab some Glow in the Dark Paint Pens and have at it!

You will definitely have the creepiest yard on the block!



If the Mandala rocks are my favorite, these might be my second favorite.

I love the colors and the abstract quality of these Galaxy Painted Rocks from Color Made Happy.  Instead of coloring in a heart, choose a geometric shape and you could wrangle your boys into this and call it Star Wars inspired!


And finally these pretty heart rocks for which I cannot find a direct source are just colorful and pretty and happy.  I could make those all day.

So, what was your favorite?  Anyone care to vote on which type of rock I should try?  Or maybe a few different ones?  I’m in for a relaxing weekend.

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