13 Stunning Easter Egg Crafts You Need to Try

One of my favorite parts of Easter is decorating eggs.  It’s a combo of two of my favorite things, Crafts and Food!  I’m a multitasking kind of girl, so if I can get a two for one, I’m happy.  I love scoping out new ideas for Easter Egg Crafts because as my kids get a little older (13 and 10) the Paas kits are getting kinda old.  I’ve searched high and low and have found 13 Stunning Easter Egg Crafts that I’m dying to try.  ***This post contains affiliate links.  If you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you!***

Now, before we dive into this list, I want to remind you of something.  Eggshells are not impermeable.  So, depending on what you use to decorate your eggs, you may not be able to eat them.  For instance, shaving cream dyed Easter eggs, may not be one’s you’d want to eat after coloring them.  But, one’s made with food dye are fair game.  Barring allergies, obviously.  I really, really love hard boiled eggs.  Either just as they are or transformed into Deviled Eggs, so I do have a definite preference for the eggs that can be eaten after you decorate them.

13 Stunning Easter Egg Crafts You Need To Try!

Shaving Cream Dyed Easter Eggs from The Good Stuff

How to Dye Easter Eggs the Easy Way — With Shaving Cream! | thegoodstuff

I love this idea of creating a marbled look using shaving cream and food coloring!  It kind of reminds me of my marbled Christmas ornaments and my sharpie tiles.  I love the vibrant color this Good Cooking Gourmet Food Coloring Liqua-Gel gives.  The only tiny complaint I have with this one is that I’m pretty sure the eggs aren’t edible after you’ve coated them in shaving cream.

Sharpie Easter Egg Craft from Cutesy Crafts

Sharpie Easter Eggs - Fun Easter egg decorating idea!

These are the most precious little bunny eggs I ever did see.  And it doesn’t get any easier than tapping dots over a sticker or a vinyl cut out.  If you don’t have a Cricut to cut the vinyl bunny, you can totally just use a sticker! Sadly, while sharpies are non-toxic, they still aren’t recommended around food, so I wouldn’t be eating these eggs, either.

Tie Dye Easter Eggs from One Little Project

These tie dye Easter eggs are SO FUN and they're so simple to make! The colours are bright and beautiful and the eggs are completely safe to eat! I’m kind of obsessed with these Tie Dye Easter Eggs.  First of all, they are totally edible because they are made with food coloring and paper towels.  The tie dye is something my kids would totally be on board with.  AND they don’t require 17 cups of water/food coloring mixture just waiting to be knocked over.  This is a huge win!  This is a top contender for the Easter Egg Craft of 2018 at the LRL household.

Bunny Easter Egg Craft by Bitte

Bunny Easter Egg DIY

How sweet are these precious little bunny eggs?  You get the fun of doing some egg dyeing and you get to do a little drawing, too!  And that is totally simple drawing that I think even I could pull off.  And if you do the drawing in something that won’t get through the shell, like crayon or pencil, you could probably still eat these!  I love their little eyelashes!  I can totally see these displayed in these adorable egg stands from Amazon:



Foil Covered Easter Eggs from Suzie’s Sitcom 

foil covered easter eggs

Here’s another totally edible Easter Egg Craft.  These are wrapped in good old tin foil, so no worries about the paint getting through the shell of your egg.  The eggs pictured are painted, but if you don’t have a steady enough hand for those adorable flowers and doodles, I think you could also try Sharpies, or maybe even paint pens.

Decoupage Easter Eggs from Craft & Creativity

Decoupage eggs - by Craft & Creativity

These dainty decoupaged Easter eggs are perfect for your shabby chic Easter theme.  I think that’s a thing, right?  Shabby chic Easter?  Well it is now.  Not 100% sure these are going to check the Is it Edible box, though.  Actually, the tutorial calls for blowing out the egg, so technically, that would make it edible because you could scramble the eggs after you blow them out.  Win!

DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs from Let’s Mingle

DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs-8Now these sprinkle Easter Eggs look like they would require just the exact amount of painting skill and steady-handedness that I posess.  So, basically, none.  But the outcome is totally adorable, no?  I love how they are displayed in a little berry basket, too. You can totally buy those from Amazon:

Watercolor Floral Easter Eggs from Dream a Little Bigger

You don't need to be an artist to make these beautiful watercolor floral Easter eggs.

Alright, settle down, don’t get all huffy on me.  I know these look like a masterpiece. I know this is supposed to be about “Real Life” stuff that everyone can do.  But really look at these.  Is it really anything more than some smooshes of paint outlined with a black Sharpie?  Click through to the tutorial and find out.  Don’t forget to come back though, I got more eggs for you.

DIY Easter Egg Temporary Tattoo Craft from House of Hawthornes

Easter eggs made easy with DIY temporary tattoos! Easy to follow tutorial and free printable vintage Easter images included.

Well it certainly doesn’t get much easier than this. Temporary tattoos applied to eggs.  And they are flipping adorable.  Start saving your egg cartons, too, to display these things.  I’ll have to switch my egg purchases to the one’s with the cutest containers.

DIY Emoji Easter Eggs from Studio DIY

DIY Emoji Easter Eggs

Emoji Easter Eggs!  So cheeky. They can’t be that hard to make, can they?  Lots of personality for minimal effort.   My kind of craft!

Gold Foil Tattoo Easter Eggs from DIY Candy

If you are looking for unique Easter egg ideas, check out these eggs done with gold foil tattoos. Easy to make and there is no mess!

Ok, I know we already covered Tattos on eggs previously, but I could not leave these gorgeous gold foil eggs off of the list.  These are some classy Easter eggs.  Totally simple and, again, it doesn’t get much easier than putting a tattoo on an egg, does it?

Gold Confetti Easter Eggs from Mod Podge Rocks

Turn plastic eggs into confetti Easter eggs with some Mod Podge and sparkle. This fun Easter craft is blingy and makes great decor!

Ok, you made those Gold Foil Tattoo Easter Eggs?  Make a batch of these gold Confetti Easter Eggs to go with.  Cause, ya know, you don’t want to be too matchy matchy, right?

Easter Eggs Dyed With Cool Whip and Food Coloring from Crafty Morning

Here’s a fun twist on dyeing Easter eggs this year! Grab a tub of cool whip and food coloring for an experience! I have also posted my shaving cream easter eggs but this makes it safer and edible. I found using the neon food coloring makes it more vibrant and colorful! Supplies: Cool Whip Neon …Ok, these are super similar to the shaving cream ones up at the top, BUT!  They have the all important edible factor!  They are made with COOL WHIP!  So, not only can you eat the eggs when you are done, YOU CAN EAT THE PRETTY COOL WHIP, TOO!  You’re welcome, I just won Easter.  Well, technically Crafty Morning, did, but, whatever.

Ok, tell me!  Which ones are your favorites?  Which ones do you want me to try first so that I can make all of the mistakes?

I hope you are loving these Easter Egg Crafts, because I got a whole bunch of Easter DIY’s that I’m planning on sharing with you shortly, too!

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