Practical Spring Cleaning Hacks that Will Make Your Home Sparkle

If you know me at all, you know that cleaning is not my favorite thing.  In fact, it is very likely my least favorite thing of all of the things.  Ever. 

I have to concoct all sorts of crazy ideas to get myself motivated to do it like Cleaning Karaoke or 15 Minute Interval Cleaning or a play list of inspiring TED talks to listen to. 

When it comes to Spring Cleaning, well, I generally don’t even do it, to be honest. 

But! I do love testing out hacks from Pinterest so I’ve compiled a list of Spring Cleaning Hacks for every room in the house and I’m going to challenge myself to try them all. 

Ok, most of them.  10 of them?  We’ll see how it goes.

Spring Cleaning Hacks for Every Room In Your House

The Kitchen

I actually don’t mind cleaning the kitchen.  It’s the room that gets cleaned on at least a daily basis, so it’s never got too thick a layer of yuck.  But there are definitely little cracks and crevices that need some extra attention that I don’t get to every week.  Spring cleaning is perfect for that.

Someone asked me about removing water stains from the front of a stainless steel dishwasher the other day and I wasn’t sure if I could figure out how to resolve that problem. Then it dawned on me…why not use our DIY Kitchen Sink Cleaner recipe?! It worked perfectly for the sink, so it should work

Remove Water Stains from Stainelss Steel from Fabulessly Frugal

This is one I definitely need to try. 

I swipe all my stainless with usually a Clorox wipe (probably, most definitely, not the right way to clean stainless) a couple times a week, but those water stains are pesky! 

I’d love to see a shiny dishwasher again!

It’s that time of year again. Time to start cleaning the areas of your home that rarely get cleaned. One of the most important areas you’ll be deep cleaning if your fridge, but what’s the best way to do it? Let’s take a closer look at how to deep clean your fridge. Remove Everything From …

How to Deep Clean a Fridge from Centsable Momma

The fridge can be a beast to give a thorough cleaning to.  I

t’s so much work emptying and getting in to all those tight spots.  This tutorial from Censtable Momma looks like it will for sure help!

Scrub the three ingredients to clean your cooktop

How to Clean a Glass Stove Top from Happy Momma Tales

Oh, my glass stove top is DYING for this. 

I’ve actually done this one before and it absolutely works wonders.

It’s always completely bizarre to me that water can leave such a nasty mess on the stove top.

How to clean and seal granite countertops - quartz and more. With a detailed recipe for a homemade granite cleaner and granite sealer. Includes tips on how to polish and clean your kitchen counter tops in a natural way.#granite #cleaning #countertop #kitchen

How To Clean and Seal Granite Counter Tops from Tips Bulletin

I redid my kitchen, I think almost 6 years ago now and I’m pretty sure my granite is due for a sealing.

It’s lost that brand new granite luster, you know?

Use melted canning wax to fill cracks or separations in wood countertops and scrape off excess before sealing with a finish.

How to Restore Butcher Block Counters from This Old House

If you’ve got Butcher Block that needs some restoration, why not tackle that at spring cleaning time? 

You know you don’t want to clear off those counters more than once a year.

cleaning oven with baking soda

Clean Your Oven With Baking Soda from What’s Up Fagans?

I must be a messy cook (I am TOTALLY a messy cook) because my oven is dying for a good scrubbing. 

I do the self cleaning thing, but there’s nothing like a good hand scrubbing, right?

Homemade Natural Floor Cleaner That Actually Works! Use this on your laminate and tile floors, even windows, counter tops, and stainless steel appliances for a clean, streak-free shine!

Homemade Floor Cleaner from Nature’s Nurture

I’ve been using this homemade floor cleaner for years and I love it. 

It’s clean and it’s cheap and I know exactly what’s in it.  I like that you can switch up the fragrance with different essential oils, too.

How to Clean Your Microwave without Scrubbing or Chemicals - Requires practically no effort on your part! #kitchen #cleaning #hacks

Clean Your Microwave from Simply Stacie

The microwave suffers from so many splatters.  I mean, have you ever heated up leftover pasta in the microwave? 

It looks like a scene from Dexter.  Give it a thorough cleaning this spring, ok?

Maybe do it more often than once a year.

Grout cleaner not doing the job? Opt for toilet cleaner instead! Just fill this in the grout lines, let it sit 10-15 minutes, scrub it, and then clean it up. You’ll be amazed at the difference!

Grout Cleaner from Life Prekarious

I’ve done this one before!  The toilet bowl cleaner in the grout lines trick.

Works like a charm, I promise.  Super simple, too. 

It’s almost like the grout bottle was made for this application.

Living Areas (Family Room, Living Room, you get the gist)

Ok, I don’t love cleaning the living areas. 

I mean, I pick them up and give them a good going over once a week, but things tend to sneak up on me in the living rooms.  For instance, I cannot ever go a week without doing a THOROUGH  sweeping under the couch.

Just trust me on that.  I’ve actually considered doing a weekly series on the things I find under my couch. 

Let me know if you’re actually interested in reading that.

DIY upholstery cleaner

DIY Upholstery Cleaner from Frugally Blonde

I think these are technically dining room chairs, but a good upholstery cleaner is obviously a must for your living areas. 

I don’t even want to know what the myriad of stains that my family and animals leave all over the couches and chairs are made of. 

For real.  I don’t want to know.


Clean Window Tracks from The Intentional Mom

Why do window tracks get so dirty?

Where does that dirt come from? 

Is it flying in through screen? 

I don’t even get how it’s possible.  I hardly ever open my windows.

defuzz mesh screens, handyman magazine,

Screen Cleaning Hack from Handyman Magazine

Ok, so following up on the dirty window tracks is this awesome hack for cleaning your screens with a lint roller. 


I’ve always cleaned my lampshades with a lint roller, but didn’t think of it for screens.

Have you ever wondered how to get that streak free shine on your mirrors? This super helpful post will explain the steps needed to get a fantastic shine every time.

How to Clean Your Mirrors from How to Get Organized at Home

Mirrors can make or break your home. 

If they look streaky and gross, they will break your home.  Check out this tutorial to make them squeaky clean!

We have hard wood with a few rugs and this tip works wonders! Who knew? Window Squegee to Remove Pet Hair From Carpet (:

How to Dehair Your Rugs from Part Unknown

This picture has been floating around Pinterest since the beginning of Pinterest. 

Squeegee to remove pet hair from carpet.

It’s genius. I cannot for the life of me find the original source, but hats off to whoever it came from. 

I’ll gladly link you if you reach out!

Clean Microfiber Furniture from Organization Junkie

Microfiber is so popular because it is touted as being so easy to clean, but it helps to know what exactly to clean it with!

The best way to clean blinds - tips and tricks for doing it quicker, easier, and all naturally!

The Best Way to Clean Blinds from The Country Chic Cottage

Guys, the blinds get NASTY!  Do you even ever look at them? 

I don’t.  And then I do and I’m like OH MY GOD! 

Burn the house down is the only solution to that amount of dirt!  Just kidding, just check out this sweet tutorial. It’s much more cost effective.

Cleaning your fireplace can be a messy job if not done correctly. The ashes left behind in your fireplace tend to be very fine, which can easily become airborne, potentially creating breathing hazards inside your house. Proper care is important to prevent struggling with the thick black build-up inside your fireplace, spreading ash throughout your living room and sending dust and soot throughout your home.

How to Clean a Fireplace from Simple Green

This is such a great tutorial from Simple Green.

The fireplace is definitely one of those spots that I look at and think, how on earth do you even clean that?

Curtains should be cleaned regularly to eliminate odors and allergens in your home. Learn how to do this with these tips on How to Clean Curtains. DIY house cleaning idea for your home and bedroom.

How to Clean Curtains from Premeditated Leftovers

Yeah, I don’t ever think about cleaning curtains. 

But they should totally be cleaned occasionally.

Skip over and check out that tutorial, then come back and peruse the rest of these great hacks.

how to make a leather couch look new again/conditioning leather/life hack/chemical free cleaning/green living/homesteading

How to Renew Leather Furniture from At Home with the Ellingtons

If you spend big money on leather furniture, you are going to want to keep it looking its best! 

Just click through for all the juicy leather cleaning secrets.


We don’t really need to talk much about why it’s important to spring clean the bathroom, do we? 

I mean, do you have boys living in your house? 

Ok, enough said.

Green Cleaning: Cleaning with Lemons - Ask Anna

How to Clean Your Fixtures from Ask Anna Moseley

I love that this tutorial uses lemons to bring a super shine to your fixtures in the bathroom.

I might suggest using gloves with this. Lemons sting!

Genius Bathroom Cleaning Hacks You Need to Try

How to Clean your Bathroom Vent from Family Handyman

Do you ever look up when you’re in the bathroom? 


You’re going to want to try this hack to clean your bathroom vent then.

Wondering how to get rid of mold naturally? Whether you have black mold in your shower or basement, on your walls, windows, ceiling or baseboards, this DIY Mold Remover is a safe and natural black mold removal cleaner that will eliminate mold health risks and symptoms without toxic bleach.

DIY Mold Remover from Root & Revel

Mold is no joke. 

It’s a flipping living organism invading your bathroom. 

Give this a try and see if you can eradicate it.

shower head with bag

How to Clean your Shower Head from One Crazy Mom

Is your shower not as awesome as it used to be? 

You probably need to give it a cleaning. 

Check out this tutorial and see how.

how to clean toilet stains

Clean Stains from Your Toilet from Frugally Blonde

Ok, this was the least nasty picture of how to clean stains from your toilet. 

You know you need to know this information. 

Just go check it out, ok?

Looking for a fast and easy way to have a sparkling clean tub and shower? This super simple shower and tub cleaner is what you've been looking for!

DIY Tub/Shower Cleaner from Joyful Homemaking

You guys, if you aren’t doing this one, start immediately.   

It will change your life and the lives of your children.

I mean, it will only change it in so far as they will have a far cleaner shower/tub to bathe in, but still. It’s something, right?


Bedrooms, if you are living right, are not too bad as far as the actual “cleaning”. 

There are a couple of nasty spots to tackle in the bed area, but other than that it’s mostly about keeping organized, right?

How to Clean Urine Stains from a Mattress Step 3

Clean Your Mattress from Yellow Bliss Road

Let’s not talk about this one too much, ok? 

There are lots of reasons to clean your mattress. 

Just read the tutorial and do it, ok?

DIY closet on a REAL budget! Come see the rest of the pics and get ideas to steal for your own space!

Jewelry Organization Hack from View Along the Way

There’s an entire small closet redo in this post that you should totally check out, but I wanted to put out how genius it is to use tea cup hooks to hang your necklaces! 


Get the Smell Out of Musty Bed Sheets (In Just a Few Steps!)

Get the Musty Smell Out of Your Sheets from Organization Junkie

Umm, no one wants smelly sheets.  Go clean them, k?

This is how to REALLY clean your bed pillows.

How to Clean Bed Pillows from eHow

I gotta say, I never really thought about cleaning bed pillows. 

I’m more of a throw them away and start fresh girl.

Who knew?  Check out the tutorial.

Cardboard drawer divider

Drawer Organizers from A Real Housewife of NYC

I love this idea for neatly storing your unmentionables! 

You know, like your socks.  Shhhhhh.

Dining Room

Thankfully there isn’t a lot of additional stuff to clean in the dining room, cause, guys, I’m sick of cleaning and I’m not even actually cleaning right now, I’m just talking about it to you.

Homemade Furniture Polish~1 part vinegar (apple cider vinegar or white vinegar) 3 parts oil (olive oil or jojoba oil) Optional -add a few drops of lemon. Some like to add it for the aroma and cleaning benefits. Combine ingredients in jar or cup and stir or shake.

DIY Natural Furniture Polish from Health Extremist

The dining room table should always shine, shouldn’t it?

If you’re going to shine it, why not DIY it naturally?

How to Polish Silver This is crazy!! It really life is changed!

How to Polish Silver from Tater Tots and Jello

If you’re lucky enough to have some heirloom silver (that sounded weird, didn’t it?), you’re going to need to learn how to polish. 

Here you go.

To use china or to not use china. I enjoyed reading this and am so glad I'm not the only one who uses my china often! We ate on my mom's every Sunday and it always made that meal and day feel so special! As a result, we use ours most Sundays too - and I still LOVE it!

How to Store China from So Much Better with Age

I’m a sucker for pretty china.   Here’s how to store it to keep it looking classy.

Ok, phew.  That was a lot of spring cleaning hacks.  I

‘m going to need, like,  a week to recover from writing that.  Then I’ll start cleaning, I promise.

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Practical Spring Cleaning Hacks that Will Make Your Home Sparkle

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