13 Simple and Gorgeous Spring Wreaths You Need to DIY

I’m sitting here on the other side of the window of a serious Northeaster and all I’m thinking about is Spring Wreaths.  Bright and cheery and so very not snowy. I’m in general not a front door wreath girl…not a traditional wreath girl, I should say. When it comes to spring wreaths, I like vibrant and simple and I like something you can definitely see from the street.  So, that’s what you’re getting with this post. 13 DIY Spring Wreaths.  ***This post contains affiliate links.  If you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.***

Simple Spring Wreaths That You Can Totally DIY

13 DIY Spring Wreaths

White picket fence wreath filled with pink and white tulips

White Picket Fence Wreath from Little Yellow Wheel Barrow

Ok, up first is this most adorable and aptly named “Stinkin Cute DIY” from a blogger who is on her way to taking Pinterest by storm, Laura Kennedy, of Little Yellow Wheel Barrow.  This little picket fence wreath will pop right on your door and Laura hooked you up with a ridiculously detailed tutorial, so you can totally make this if you have a smidge of DIY skills (it does involve cutting some wood, just FYI).  Skoot over to Little Yellow Wheel Barrow and get ready to be sucked into a world of dreamy white walls, textured pillows and cozy wood tones.  Oh and an awesome Chunky Blanket Fail turned Success.

Please remember to come back here after you’ve been to Laura’s for an hour or so, okay?

Peony Spring Wreath DIY I tavaszi koszorú - így készült

Peony Spring Wreath from Making the World Cuter

This lovely little spring wreath has all of the simplicity.  I love the idea of a white washed grapevine wreath. I’m a big lover of a white wreath because I feel like it really stands out on the front door, so I’ve always shied away from grapevine wreaths, but this whitewashed look is kind of brilliant. And of course peonies are kryptonite for bloggers, so of course I love that.  This is a super simple wreath that you could DIY this spring.  Pop over and check it out!

Final felt flower frame.

Delightful and Simple Felt Flower Wreath from CBC.ca

This may not technically be a wreath, I think it’s meant to be a picture frame, but I could totally see this on the front door.  So pretty and dainty.  I love working with felt.  I haven’t given this particular style of flower a try, but boy are they cute. I have to say this is a smidge too dainty for me, so I don’t know that this is the perfect spring wreath for me. It is perfect for someone, though.

Joanna Gaines's Blog | HGTV Fixer Upper | Magnolia Homes...making a moss-covered wreath

Moss Wreath from At Home

This wreath is from the fairy godmother of farmhouse chic, Joanna Gaines.  I don’t generally go for farmhouse, but this is super simple and I love the precious little birds.  Maybe I would switch up that ribbon to make it slightly less farm house?  We shall see.

Lambs Ear Wreath, Peony Wreath, Wedding Wreath, Valentines Wreath, Gift for Her, Spring Wreath, Mothers Day Wreath, Door Wreath This wreath is just lovely!!! It looks so soft with the combination of velvet textured lambs ear against pink and coral peonies. A pretty wreath to

Lamb’s Ear Wreath with Peonies from Etsy

I had not ever heard of Lamb’s Ear before seeing this wreath just a few short hours ago, but I am officially obsessed with it. This would be a great wreath for Easter and could carry you through Spring and even Summer.  I will have to check out Michael’s and see if they have this faux lambs ear. Really, really pretty. And, of course, the peonies again. If you’re not a DIY-er, by the way, you can buy this wreath from Etsy for $72.

DIY Fall Hoop Wreath - Amidst the Chaos

DIY Hoop Wreath from Amidst the Chaos

Technically, this is a fall wreath. If you look closely, there are some pumpkins on there. The pale pinks and dusty blues work perfectly for a Spring wreath, too, though, I think.  But what I really LOVED about this wreath were those fancy dancer tassels! Those are just lovely.

Felt Flower Wreath Fall Wreath Fall decor wall hanging

Felt Flower Wreath from Etsy

Ok, this might be my very favorite of all.  I love that it is so unique, doesn’t really look like a wreath at all, does it?  I also love the felt flowers, as I have noted previously.  I can’t really quite put my finger on why this is my favorite, but I’m pretty sure it is.  It’s totally a DIY-able Spring wreath, BUT it’s also only $22 if you buy it from Etsy!

Metal Tire Wreath

Farmhouse Style Tire Wreath from The Craft Patch

Ok, maybe I like Farmhouse style more than I am willing to admit.  This wreath is still sort of modern farmhouse, though, right?  I love the old-ish looking metal next to the frilly flowers.  The colors, the pale pink and the pale green, are really pretty, too.  I still can’t see it on my front door though.

Bright Spring Felt Flower Wreath with Pink Purple Blue Red

Bright Spring Felt Flower Wreath From Etsy

So, it’s becoming clear to me now that I have a thing for felt.  I obviously need to start making felt flowers or felt something.  I absolutely love how vibrant these colors are. I love when something is right on the edge of being garish.  This is perfect to me.  I’ll tell you a secret.  Part of me LOVES it because I can see that not everyone would.  It would definitely be a little bright and child like for lots of people.  Not me.  You can buy this guy from Etsy, too, if you are so inclined.

boot wreath with tulips

Rain Boot Wreath from Home Made Modern

Ok, if I could find adorable boots like these at a thrift store, I would make this simple diy wreath in a heart beat! It totally has the unique factor going and the navy and yellow are gorgeous together.  Note to self: Anything that has a hole at the top is a potential receptacle for flowers and therefore has the potential to be a wreath. Within reason.

13-14 Book Wreath / Paper Rose Wreath / Book Theme

Paper Rose Wreath from Etsy

There is a special place in my heart for wreaths that are made out of book pages.  I made one (not like this one above) and it still one of my favorite things and hangs in my house over a mirror. (Here it is if you’re curious!).  These sweet little rosettes are dreamy.  My daughter would kill me if I ruined another book to make a front door wreath.  She’s an old school reader.

DIY Modern Spring Wreath from Lifestyle for Real Life

That’s a wreath I made. I know what you’re thinking. Why are you making a new wreath? That one is lovely?  Well, someone might have slammed a door shut a little too hard out of excitement and the wreath fell off the door and the styrofoam smashed into a pieces.  I didn’t even know styrofoam was capable of smashing.  I still have the flowers, though, so I will have to reuse them for something else.

Ok, so I’m really leaning heavily toward the grey and felt flower rectangular wreath that is not a wreath.  Any votes from you my dear reader?

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Simple Spring Wreaths That You Can Totally DIY




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