Unfussy Dresses from H&M – The Only Summer Outfit You Need

I want to be one of those people that wakes up in the morning, throws something on, pops their hair in a bun and slathers some tinted moisturizer on and is ready to face the day.  Doesn’t it sound perfect?  Easy?  Sort of magical?  I think the fast track to that kind of lifestyle in the summer is a simple, unfussy dress.  If I’m going to look put together without putting any effort in, it’s the only summer outfit I’ll  need.  ***This post contains affiliate links.  If you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.***

Simple Summer Outfit

Why dresses?  Every time I wear a dress, someone says to me, Why are you dressed up?  Which sometimes isn’t a compliment, it’s more of a ‘what’s gotten into you, you don’t have sweatpants on’, kind of thing.  So, see, I need to break out of that comfortable equals things I would wear to bed habit.  Because in the summer, when it’s hot, the coolest, most comfortable outfit you migth be able to find, is an easy to wear dress.

The only problem with this fantastic plan of mine is that I’m SUPER picky about dresses.  In case you’ve forgotten, I’m short, and so, in general, maxi length dresses are out.  BUT, I still want a dress that is long enough to be moderately modest.  And also, I don’t want to be fussing with the top or worrying about bending over and anything falling out, right?  So it’s a process to find the right match for me.

I’ve started my summer dress research at my favorite store to do so, H&M.  I love the style at H&M, I love the prices at H&M and I’ve been shopping there long enough to know that their stuff lasts, which is also important to me.  I need to know that my clothes are going to make it through some washes.

So without further ado, here are my picks.

Easy Summer Outfit:  Unfussy Summer Dresses

Jersey Dress

This pretty striped dress is perfect for the summer.  You can wear it to the playground, you can wear it over your bathing suit on your way to the pool, or you can wear it sitting on your couch watching tv in the air conditioning.  The shape is adorable.  I love that it gathers in at the waist.  It has a bit of a cap sleeve in case you don’t want your arms completely exposed (or let’s be honest, if you don’t feel like messing around with a fancy bra with straps that will either stay hidden, or are cute enough to show).

It also comes in a few different colors and is less than $20.  So, technically, I could end this post right now and say, buy this dress in each color and your summer wardrobe is done.  However, H&M has a bunch of other cute dresses, so I’m not going to do that.

Sleeveless Dress

This sleeveless dress is perfect for the hottest of hot summer days.  And navy is such a classic summer color.  Throw some white slides on with this and you will be the chicest lady at the luncheon.  Or at Chuck E Cheese’s.  The fabric is lightweight and although it’s got a V-neck, it’s not a particularly deep one, so nothing to fuss with there.  This one also comes in white, which, it’s a tough call actually… White or Navy for summer?  White would be cooler, for sure, but I am definitely a navy girl.

Jersey Dress | Bright green | WOMEN | H&M US

Jersey Dress

Nothing like a pop of color to instantly make a summer outfit interesting.  This green has been on my list of favorite colors for a while now.  I love the shape of this dress and I feel like it would be really easy to dress it up or dress it down depending on the shoes you pair with it and what kind of jewelry you do or do not wear with it.  A word of warning to my tall friends, this is a shorter skirt.  For me, at 5’2″, it would be fine, but click through and check the model if you’re on the taller side.

Fitted Dress | White | WOMEN | H&M US

Fitted Dress

This is such a great dress.  Summer date night?  Bridal shower?  Sitting on the deck sipping tea.  This is the definition of effortless style.  It has buttons because it needs to be buttoned, but also the buttons are a little bit special as they curve up your shoulder, aren’t they?

Now, I’ll be tempted to throw on my cruddy last year flip flops with these dresses, I won’t deny that.  So, I’ve picked a few pairs of easy to wear shoes, that will keep my feet classy.

Wedge-heel Sandals | White | WOMEN | H&M USWedge-heel Sandal

I love how H&M just calls these “Wedge-heel Sandal”. As if the magnificent buffalo check isn’t important!  I ADORE these shoes. Actually, these shoes are the reason I decided to even add this section about shoes.  Because they are so flipping adorable.  You know if you wear these, everyone is going to say, “Cute shoes, where’d you get them??”.

Slip-on Shoes | Denim blue/striped | WOMEN | H&M USSlip On Shoes

These will be your go to when you run out the door every day.  They’ll go with everything (except maybe that yellow stripe dress?  Can you do that?  Two stripes in one outfit?  Maybe not).  If they were an all white slip on, they’d be cute and if they were an all blue slip on, they’d be cute.  But the stripe makes them a little more special.  Perfect summer outfit accompaniment.


I try to get a white pair of sandals every summer.  These are great with the little bit of a gold accent. They are flat, so you don’t have to worry about toddling around on grass or sand in heels if that’s where your day takes you.  But they are just a tiny bit dressy, too.

Now I just have to break out the Rodan & Fields Sunless Tanner and get my legs ready for dresses.  Oh and a pedicure, probably.  Or at least painted toenails.  At a minimum, right?

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Simple Summer Outfit

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