7 Funky Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Need some inspiration for your Christmas Tree this year?  I know I like to change things up with my Christmas decor every few years, but coming up with new ideas can get tough after a while, can’t it?

I’ve scoured the world wide web for some unique Christmas Trees to share with you so that we can shake things up a bit this Christmas, ok?

Just like the crafts I do here, these trees will be fairly simple and fairly inexpensive. Relatively inexpensive.  It is a whole tree that we’re decorating here, ok?

Here are my favorite trees I found.

Christmas Trees to Inspire You to Change Things Up This Year!

White and Gold Christmas Tree

White and Gold Christmas Tree

How about we go kind of monochromatic and calm for Christmas this year?  I have to admit this is not usually how I go.

I’m more of a bold and in your face kind of Christmas decorator.

But this tree feels very calm to me.  Maybe I need a little bit of calm this Christmas.

I could sit and meditate in front of this tree and chill out after shopping for 34 straight hours.  That sounds nice.

Funky Wonky Christmas Tree

funky charlie brown christmas tree

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do a tree like this.  It’s completely imperfect and I love it.

I had a friend whose dad had a Christmas tree farm and this is the type of tree she had in her house.  It was more sculptural than any of the perfect cone shaped trees that you get at the big box hardware store.

And draping it with these sort of retro decorations is just what a tree like this needs. You have to do this right to pull it off.

Otherwise you might end up looking like you asked the guy at the store for 50% off the crappy tree way in the back.

But if you do it right, you look like an artistic genius.

That would be a nice Christmas present, would’t it?  Someone telling you you are an artistic genius?

Try a Not Christmas-y Color Tree

purple christmas tree

I would never in a million years think “purple” when I think Christmas tree.  But it’s kind of fun, isn’t it?

Maybe purple isn’t the color you want to go for, but something a little different could be really fun.

I love that this tree also has matching wrapped presents under it, too.  There’s something really engaging about this tree that I just love.

Dreamy Blue Christmas Tree

dreamy blue christmas tree

Get a little wild with your lights and instead of twinkly white, try something like these dreamy blue lights on this Christmas Tree.

It’s a little sci fi, but a very wintry look.

I can picture your neighbors walking by your house and seeing this in the window and thinking that aliens may have come to take your Christmas Tree to their alien planet.

Maybe this one isn’t such a good idea.

Well, there’s something for everyone, right?

Tree of Knowledge

christmas tree covered with some small books

If you are a book lover or have one in your home, then you should definitely try this Tree of Knowledge.

Do it on your main tree, or do it on a smaller table top tree, but it’s definitely a really unique idea for a Christmas tree.

It reminds me of Harry Potter, but I have no idea why. I’ve never read Harry Potter.  Maybe it reminds me of Harry Potter because Harry Potter is a book and there are books on the tree?

Pretty Pastel-ish Christmas Tree

pastel christmas tree

I love the soft colors of this tree.  It’s very feminine and sort of calming.

I can totally see this tree adorned with hearts and kept up past Valentine’s Day.

That’s a thing, by the way.  Decorating a tree for Valentine’s Day.  Clearly it’s a thing that was started by the people that realized they still had their Christmas Tree up on 2/13 and found it easier to just redecorate the tree than take the whole thing down.

Next thing you know we’ll have Easter Trees.

Polka Dot Christmas Tree

polka dot christmas tree

Yeah.  This tree is my life right now.

I’m going to have to crack the spray paint and paint my flocked tree completely white, but I absolutely ADORE this polka dot Christmas tree.

You ladies that have your first place and just realized you don’t have any ornaments?  This is the tree for you.  One big container of big round ornaments and one white tree and you are done.

Beetlejuice Christmas Tree

beetlejuice christmas tree

I don’t really know why this Christmas Tree reminds me of Beetlejuice, by it does, so therefore that is it’s name now.

If you used just one of those garlands on the whole tree, it would look a little tacky.  I’m not going to lie.

But when you mismatch them like this, it looks purposely quirky.  And that can be a very good thing.

Give it a try.  I’ll warn you, it’s not easy to get right.

Now What?

Now you psyche yourself up to step outside of your comfort zone this year and try a slightly quirky Christmas tree.

Or throw caution to the wind and go for a REALLY quirky Christmas tree.

I’d love to see what you come up with!

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7 Quirky Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas


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