Easy Christmas Crafts for Adults

The holiday season is the busiest time of year for crafters.  Probably because crafting is therapeutic and we all need all of the therapy we can get during the holidays.  Kids have their own Christmas crafts, but adults get special and easy Christmas crafts, too.

These are simple, but sophisticated.  They are quick, but they look like they took forever.  Kind of like that commercial for Rice Krispies Treats.  The one where she watched Soap Operas all afternoon, but then flicks flour in her face and brings a tray of treats out like she spent all day on it.

I love holiday crafting because it’s making a memory of a memory.  You’re sitting at the table making a craft and creating a Christmas memory.  Then next year you pull out the Christmas craft you made and it is a memory of making that Memory.

It’s kind of like the movie Inception with a lot of red, green and glitter.

The Best Christmas Crafts for Adults

I’m going to start you off with some of the Christmas crafts I’ve made myself and presented to you in tutorial form over the years.  If I make something it has to be simple, inexpensive and useful.  Or seriously pretty.

Nail Polish Marbled Ornaments

These nail polish Marbled Ornaments aren’t just my favorite Christmas craft I’ve ever made, they are one of my favorite crafts I’ve made, ever.  Period.

They are so crazy simple.  You won’t even believe how simple they are.

They come out gorgeous and they last.  I made those ornaments YEARS ago and every Christmas they are still in great shape.

You should definitely make these.

Wood Burned Ornaments

There are several reasons you will love making these Wood Burned Christmas Ornaments.

They are not terribly difficult to make.  They do take a tiny bit of practice with the wood burning tool, but I promise you I am no artist or letter-er and I was able to make some pretty ornaments.

You will LOVE the process of making these.  This is a serious “in the zone” craft.  First of all, you’re concentrating because you are dealing with a very hot tool.

99% of the time when you’re crafting, the smell is not something you enjoy.  Glue, nail polish.  Gross.

Burning wood?  Yum.  Make these.

Yarn Wrapped Quirky Christmas Trees

I found the inspiration for these trees somewhere on Pinterest and I just feel in love with their quirky shape and colors.  The inspiration trees had no tutorial so I figured out to make my own.

These don’t really require any skill so long as you can wield a glue gun.  They are completely customizeable based on your Christmas theme.

I’m going to remake mine this year and change up the colors of yarn, I think.

DIY Clay Ornaments

If you need a bunch of ornaments and you don’t want to make a mess or buy a ton of stuff, these clay ornaments might be for you.

Basically you’ll need clay and maybe some gold paint, but I bet you already have a sharpie, right?

Oh and some cookie cutters but you know those are in the back of the junk drawer.

Button Garland from One Thousand Oaks


I love the idea of a cute little Christmas tree in the corner of the dining room or even in your bedroom.

This Button Garland from One Thousand Oaks is the perfect way to decorate that smaller scale tree.

Add just a few simple ornaments and of course some lights and you’ve got a really sweet little Christmas tree for any corner of the house that needs a little Christmas cheer.

Ornament Wreath from a Crafted Life


These ornament wreaths are crazy simple to do.

But the genius comes from how you choose to arrange the ornaments.  This ornament wreath from a Crafted Life is super simple, but that rainbow motif makes it really stand out!

If you haven’t made one of these before, definitely put it on your list this year!

Embroidery Hoop Ornaments from Hip 2 Save


Last Christmas I started a buffalo plaid motif for Christmas and I LOVE it.  It’s so classic looking and not overly garish as sometimes can happen with certain Christmas themes.

These Embroidery Hoop Ornaments from Hip 2 Save would look awesome on my tree this year.

This one looks like something I will need to be making this year.

Paper Ornaments from DIY Inspired


Paper crafting is simple and usually fairly inexpensive.

That means these Paper Ornaments from DIY Inspired are a win for me.

I’d like to get creative with the pattern of the paper and see what might really stand out on the tree in this style.  I’d like to see these in a graphic black and white pattern.

Wire Star Ornament from Alyssa and Carla

These little copper wire stars from Alyssa and Carla are so very precious.

They look sort of vintage which is great when you’re DIY-ing.

These are small and would look great on your little corner Christmas with the button garland from above OR they would also be great present toppers.

Snowy Mason Jars from a Pumpkin and a Princess


If I were giving out a “Most Perfectly Wintery” award then these snowy mason jars from a Pumpkin and a Princess would most definitely win that award.

How pretty are these?  You could absolutely keep these up after Christmas as just good old Winter decor.

I love that there is a little bit of rustic with just a little bit of sparkle, too.

Scrap Fabric Tree Ornaments from Fireflies and Mudpies


I don’t do a lot of fabric crafting, but if I did, I would totally make these adorable little scrap fabric tree ornaments from Fireflies and Mudpies.

They are really pretty and I love that the fabric is tied around a cinnamon stick.  I bet they smell great!

Maybe I’ll raid my mothers scrap fabric pile and whip up a few of these!

Wintry Table Decoration from A Piece of the Rainbow


Don’t forget to Christmas up your table top!  I know my dining room gets neglected a little bit.  But that’s a simple fix with a good table decoration.

This wintry table decoration from a Piece of the Rainbow would definitely fill that center spot very nicely.

This is another piece of decor that you could totally stretch way past Christmas, too.  I’d keep this out until Valentines Day.

Snowman Wood Slice Ornaments

These adorable little snowman wood slice ornaments are cute and simple.

You can grab wood slices from the craft store (unless you want to get out your power tools and make wood slices.  You animal, you), some craft paint and basic art skills and these are yours.

These would be cute as present toppers, too!

Wood Christmas Tree Sign

How pretty is this little farmhouse-y Christmas tree?

You can again grab your power tools to cut the wood to that size, but you could also do this with easy to craft wood.  Give it that aged look with some white paint and a stamp to add the lettering.

Now What?

Well, get started with the Christmas Crafts!  If you are reading this in July, the answer is no, it’s not too early to start Christmas crafts.

In fact, I’m writing this on July 25th.  Exactly 5 months from Christmas Day.  Do one of these a month and you’ll have 5 new Christmas memories for the Memory bank.

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13 Easy Christmas Crafts for Adults

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